Possible to use SAFE tech for something like a DAO for political Activists? - SAFE tech gurus?


Others who have been around here for a while will know that my desire for a functioning SAFE Network is related to my non-profit Life Extension projects but because of the dire state of the planet I have started spending nearly all of my free time working for Extinction Rebellion in Australia. As with any organisation, managing the infrastructure / admin takes up a huge amount of time - particularly for a decentralised, somewhat anarchic organisation like XR - there are LOTS of issues to resolve. In the last few days I have come up against a significant problem which is not easily resolved with current tech (as far as I can tell) - and it gets back to the never-ending problem of Openness (for trust and effective recruiting) vs Need to Know (to not give advanced warning to police / security organisations about planned actions).

Anyway, it occurred to me that some sort of DAO would be a great tool that XR could use to mobilise members and supporters - then it occurred to me (although I don’t claim to be a SAFE tech nuts-and-bolts guru) that the way the nodes work on SAFEnet could have an analogy for the way nodes could work for the activist DAO. My initial thoughts:

  • Nodes consists of say 2-10 people with their handles, some form of contact for each person eg an email address and a postcode for that person.
  • No one node has access to the information of any other node for security purposes.
  • The information in a node is preserved in the same way that it is done for SAFE currently in multiple, secure copies.
  • The network would be maintained in a similar way to how the SAFEnet is designed to work - except that people are donating their PC time and space for the cause - not for farming to make money somehow eg.

So the network:

  • Is established
  • Becomes self-organising
  • Is secure from attack from the NSA getting a complete list of all the members involved.


  • Individual nodes produce their own docs and comms for small, local actions and do what they plan to do.

For larger actions:

  • An individual person suggests a larger action in their own node and gets upvoted by a majority of members in the node.
  • Since it is an action for more than one node, the network informs other local nodes (according to postcode) about the proposed action.
  • Other nodes vote up or down the proposed action.
  • When a majority of all the nodes covering the respective affected region have voted in support, the action is carried out.


  • Individuals supply computing resources according to their level of commitment to the cause and node management is carried out by the network.
  • Security is guaranteed by the network and no one individual in the organisation is subject to the “$5 wrench” method of breaking security that could expose all the data and individuals of the whole organisation.
  • Individuals will know people in other nodes just because of the nature of things and form human trust relationships as normal and encourage others to also set up their own nodes.
  • Infiltration of a single node and its subsequent “bad” behaviour can be dealt with by down-voting etc by nearby nodes.

Is this tech something that could be possibly forked and extracted from the current code or is does it really need buildig from scratch?


sounds like a web/app/program on safe, good thinking!

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