Possible to move (or replicate/sync) the Discourse forum to a Dapp?

I don’t want the Maidsafe forum to go away, and I would love to use a Dapp version of Discourse for the ePlug website.

Is there anything out there like Discourse yet, as a free, server-less Dapp?

My goal is to have absolutely every facet of the ePlug project decentralized. Not just the Factom Linux B.O.S., but MaidSafe, Storj, the website itself, the Discourse-style forum on the website, even the open source (we wanted gitchain, but he appears to be on other projects right now).

@frabrunelle @ioptio - NOT trying to replace you, just would love to see the forums as Dapps too :slight_smile:

Please and thanx!

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Looks like BitShares is talking about doing the same thing:

It’s not exactly like Discourse, but there is a software called Aether.

Aether is a free app that you use to read, write in, and create community moderated, distributed, and anonymous forums, an “anonymous reddit without servers.”

I’ve used it a bit and I think it’s an interesting experiment :smiley:

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sweet, it looks nice! minimalist, a splash of color, DEcentralized. maybe not as full-featured as Discourse yet, but they are definitely on to something there thanx for the link @frabrunelle :slight_smile:

ya know what would make the next killer app in that space is one that you don’t even have to manually download, it just loads itself in your browser, javascript based, nodejs, socket.io, etc. make it totally platform independent too.

thanx again!

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or shall I say HE :slight_smile:
Burak Nehbit: http://getaether.net/about.html

If you download, be patient too, seems like he streams it to you from a raspi or something, the 49mb dload takes a loooong time so ya gotta be patient :slight_smile: