Possibility of Safenet getting banned?

I heard on Friday that the secret service had a hearing in congress to perhaps ban privacy focused currencies like Monero and Zcash. What are the chances of them coming after Maidsafe after a successful launch? Perhaps making it illegal etc?

That is why I still think this project should be broken down into 2 from positioning standpoint -

  1. Decentralized storage - where companies/individuals can simply leverage the decentralized storage component of maidsafe using existing internet browsers and the way they run their business today. A product/service to replace companies like siacoin, storj, box.com, dropbox, and all/all local storage systems. This is a multi trillion $ market in itself.

  2. The second part of it is building a safe internet for everyone - peruse browser, etc etc.

That way even if some law bans the second portion of the project above, the investors in this project are protected by simply maidsafe being a solution for decentralized storage.

May be 1 and 2 are connected, I am not sure - but I just want the development to be done in a way that if the whole private internet concept is banned by gvernments then atleast certain components of this project (decentralized storage etc) can still function and be used by everyone (large corporations, individuals, everyone included).

I’ve been told that 1 and 2 can be delinked but not sure recently. Thoughts?