Positive associations

Lately there have been discussions involving public relations and public persona on this board. It occurred to me that MaidSafe should make an attempt to associate themselves with entities viewed favorably by most people. So I tried to think of some organizations (scientific, technological, social, etc.) that have a low element of controversy or negativism associated with them. So far I have come up with two: National Geographic and Red Cross (that was an easy one). Anyone have another suggestion?

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Heh. Those two sound pretty good in many peoples ears, but not everybody’s. The Red Cross is fiercely hated by the neo-fascist movement in Finland because they help refugees. I’m sure National Geographic “promotes” evolution and what not. Creationists and fascists may seem like an insignificant group from many rational people’s perspective, but they are very real and seem to be spreading, which is actually one of the reasons Safenet needs to be built. You can’t please everyone. Having said that, I’m not entirely against your idea. Maidsafe just needs to be careful until Safenet is indestructible.

Yes, about the best we can do in this exercise is to include such entities as we believe have “mass” approval, while recognizing this will have a nationalistic slant, for better or worse, in some populations.