Portability of safecoins (to other devices or other users)?

I wonder what China will do when SpaceX get’s their Internet constellation up and you just need a smallish dish to go global.

yea, i was wondering too… but i guess the DPI will go spacewards too… It seems the elite there now has satellite post-quantum encrypted voice chats…

Or bootstrap of of your own vault etc.

[EDIT] I should re-emphasise this is only on first connection with a downloaded binary, after that you will have your own bootstrap-cache file that gathers “connectible” nodes randomly.

Ok, so in that case, could it be a safe workaround for any censorship worries concerning that first connection, to actually have that happen on a cellphone out of reach of the DPI ? Afterwards, where is the bootstrap-cache file conserved ? In the safebrowser itself somewhere on the cellphone ?

atm it is a local file on desktops, that will not work in mobile in the same way though. The safe browser is only an app, it can be on the phone. We will have easy ways to install/remove these though as well as many ways to input the bootstrap cache to it. None of those locations or inputs are concrete just yet though.