Pope: "Capitalism is terrorism against all humanity"

He also declared it the cause of global terrorism. So he is saying it is a fear based system that keeps the world in fear. Its about the strongest condemnation possible and its coming from the oldest Western institution and from the spiritual authority for about 1/7th of the world’s population.

Capitalism comes down to this: I have more money so you have to do what I tell you to do. It is a coercive system of lies based on fear. Even merit wouldn’t qualify one person to command another. Money is the worst basis.


Glad to see you’re back @Warren


That is an argument from authority, a fallacy.

And the Pope is the head of a slave religion concocted by the Roman imperial government (google “Caesar’s Messiah”) as the basis of the feudal system. They have always been about keeping us subjugated: be meek and mild and turn the other cheek and Jesus will see that you get justice in the next world. Yeah, right!

But you see its like the king announcing a war on monarchy from now until forever and annoucing monarchy the ultimate evil in the world.

You see with Safe and 5G mesh and IOT (mesh) we are going to cut the cord on ISP and content providers and sponsored media. Check out the 4 series segment South Park did called “sponsored content.” and this is cutting the cord on a lot of state tyrrany, its like cutting the cord on censorship and propaganda- we will be cutting the cord on extractive social media.

With Tesla we will cut the cord on petrol- the gas station, the electric company. Also cutting the cord on auto makers and insurance companies.

With Amazon we will be cutting the cord on retail.

With organic and the human biome stem cell revolution in medicine we will be cutting the cord on pharma and big agro and chronic disease.

With all this cord cutting we will cut the cord on Wall St and banks as well. Getting all these criminals out of the mix means cutting the cord on employers- the biggest idiocy of all. Oh yeah, I tell you what to do for money. You have to do what I say while I sit on my ass because I have more money- complete bs.

Now states would love to suppress this by suppressing technology and they try but they bound to fail and are failing for two reasons. One is that they can’t force the lowest common denominator on everyone as the risk on a hold out would undermine the participants so they have a coordination problem across states. The other issue is tech is valueable literally to the extent it allows coord cutting and even addiction and distraction tech can’t stand up to real cord cutters and you can’t prevent them because people want to improve stuff and ideas spread.

Also capital is truely and now laughably obsolete. Take SAFE Coin and DAOs and q learning machines- boards and execs and managers and supervisors are the easiest to automate away of all because their real net contribution was so often negative ans always fear based top down centralized extractive brittle.

What we are left with is small 12-100 people totally flat member based vice owner/money investment based organizations and high indexed GAIs. The Millenials love this. Fear based ideologies like conservatism and capitalism and their terrorism are dead. Its a function if human evolution.