Poor user experience when generating an invitation token

When generating an invitation token (at the following URL: https://invite.maidsafe.net/update_ip.html?...) The distinction between current IP and registered IP isn’t made clear to the user, which caused some confusion for me. It’s probably worth sticking something similar to this underneath the “Set IP” button:

Please click on the Set IP button to update your registered IP address, your invitation token will only work if your registered IP matches your current IP.

In addition, browsing to any URL on the invite.maidsafe.net domain which requires you to be authenticated (while you currently aren’t authenticated) provides the user with a useless “Please Wait” message which never updates, it’s probably worth adding some sort of check on page load:

if (authNeeded && !authorised) { redirect('login'); }


Hi, @Shane thanks for your feedback. We will update it ASAP in a better way so that there won’t be any inconvenience in the future.


@Shane Hope the user gets a better understanding with this UI. Please share your thoughts on it.


@Shankar That’s perfect - and looks much better from a design perspective. Thanks for getting that done so fast - I had already figured it out obviously, but it helps other users to adopt the platform.

Thank you!


Actually, I’d like to know where can I find my invitation token. I have the following

2 days visited
2h read time
37 topics viewed
492 posts read
as well as a BASIC badge


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Yeah sure does! wish I could get to that page!

Hi this might not be the best place to raise my query, but here goes.

Working through the authentication process have his a road block at the last? step
receive a message Invitation already claimed. Suggests that I may already have performed the authentication
already - but don’t believe so. Quite possible the invitation has been used in a failed (mismatched IPS)

Now I don’t see my way forward - and given failed attempts what my final login codes might be.

An help appreciated.

Hi Thanks for your message and reset - all good now.

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