Poloniex - withdrawal problems

Hi guys, anyone had issues withdrawing from Poloniex recently? . I tried last week and the request appears to have just expired, after being stuck in “awaiting approval” status for a few days. (and yes, i clicked the link in the email).

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Hi @Astroman,

You need to approve through the email address that you signed up for Poloniex, first before you can withdraw.

Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

The email is approved. Have made countless withdrawals there in the past, all of which usually went through within 24hrs. Just have a few $1000 worth there that i want to move to my offline address.


I’ve heard multiple people mentioning withdrawal ‘issues’ last weeks. I believe they gained thousands of extra users the last couple of weeks so it’ll probably take some time before they answer, but your best option is opening a ticket with their support I guess. You can also cancel the withdrawal if it says ‘pending’ and withdraw again :slight_smile:

Support ticket would be the official way of course.

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thanks. it actually cancelled itself automatically. i was surprised too. so i tried to withdraw again today. guess I’ll give them 24hrs (assuming they dont blow up within that time)


Is there any suggestion so i can be detached awaiting approval in polniex

I’d start making the assumption that whatever Poloniex is currently doing, it’s likely an exit scam like you mention. They’ve been holding a pending withdrawal of mine hostage for nearly 1.5 weeks. See the link below. This hasn’t been approved despite the Poloniex customer policy of manually approving within 24 hours.

Here’s a link that demonstrates my transaction detail:

Here’s the link that demonstrates that Poloniex is a complete lie:

Unfortunately, there’s no support and when the team does finally reach you, they don’t discuss the topic at hand, rather, they direct you to the resources section on support that doesn’t help at all…