Poloniex troubles - Consider an actual wallet for your MAID

I had some issue with poloneix withdrawal a while back. It got resolved after some time without any action from my end. I didn’t file any tickets.

Everyone knows the real issue is the daily withdrawal limit.
It is a major issue for me, because I have managed to talk big clients into buying Maids, and the only thing that prevent them from buying is the idea to get stuck for days on polo while I secure only 25k a day.

I have tried many different things to get this limit raised with no success so far.
otherwise, I never had a pb withdrawing 25k.

But imagine a bitcoin millionaire, willing to flip some of his wealth into MAID, he would have parcel the trades across days or weeks. There is literally no way to buy $1m at market and withdraw instantly.
I have discussed with many different guys and a few whales and never came across anyone with more than 200k daily withdrawal on Polo.

If any of you within the MAID community has such an account, contact me in pm, I would be interested to talk to you.

Everyone understand why they keep a 25k policy right ? it is to keep the money on their platform…
I am not sure it is a great approach. It damages the crypto market as a whole and prevents big BTC and ETH player to invest serious money in good altcoin projects such as Maidsafe.


Just wait for nvo dex start working and all will be happy

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That maybe true. BUT also is the legislation requirements on Polo because they are registered in the USA and have to comply with KYC and money movement reporting laws. I’d guess that above 25K the reporting becomes more involved and so easier to limit it to 25K for most. (2K if no real ID)

If you want more limit then you have to request it specially. I do not know what the upper limit is for those people and likely depends on a case by case basis.

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Anyone having trouble withdrawing funds and deposits not reflecting on polo today ?

Nope… just trucked out another load :grinning:

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hope u have ABS in that truck :grin:

Loading up the next truck now… it’s a steal at these prices.


Just found this on cointelegraph.


This started off from

where a user claimed that Poloniex is on its way to insolvency giving the many issues that it is encountering. While the user did not give any telling evidence to the claim

Then people telling their story.

These reports are difficult to tell the truth from deliberate lies to hurt.

Unfortunately I cannot place any trust or any weight on this report.

My reason is that the most damning evidence is the “frozen” funds. This stinks of LEA involvement and gag orders on poloniex They are more likely to be USA Law enforcement agencies (or SEC) with court orders including the typical gag order so poloniex cannot respond to the user.

That article could be exposing truth or just as likely and maybe more so exposing the interference of USA authorities in the accounts of some people. Could be investigations associated with the BTC-e case. So even if all the claims are correct, the wrong conclusion could be placed on the claims.

Also 23000 members online right now, so there are going to be cases that “slip” through the cracks too which contribute to the “horror” stories.


And here’s more…

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Also add to that the connectivity problems yesterday (a couple of hours down) and still shaky:


And what specifically in the article is not already assumed by the smart investor/trader?

I was hoping to see some serious stuff in the article.

Don’t get me wrong, I have taken all my funds off poloniex (for other reason though) and examining if I will use them again or not, so trying to evaluate things. But so far I have only seen maybe, oh lookie here they clarified what people should have known anyhow. In the USA you have to cover your ass so much so its crazy.

As to not guaranteeing every fork, I doubt ANY exchange could guarantee that and they would be lying if they did. The technical issues and the lost time for some fork that the coins are worth little. All the technical experts were saying that unless the exchange specifically said they would honour or give you BCC for the BTC you had, then you should not expect BCC and get your BTC into a wallet you have the private keys to.


Hey, I leave it to you guys to draw the conclusions. I just found an article in line with the subject and since (presumably) many of us hold MaidSafe at poloniex, I thought it might be of interest.
That’s all.


Please keep us informed.

Any negative response from me is aimed at the articles not the one who shows/shares them. As I implied I want to know more of the situation.


I shall, at every opportunity!
I have at the moment withdrawn all my funds from Polo. I am looking forward to continue trading though, so I will keep an eye on how things develop.
What bothers me is how other exchanges with solid reputation collapsed after showing some worrying signs. Cryptsy being the latest example.
A decent volume decentralised exchange can’t come soon enough.



If the USA is anything like AU and since Poloniex is registered as a financial operator then if Poloniex trades while insolvent the directors/owners are breaking the law and will spend some time in jail. A good incentive to remain viable or close (returning the funds)

Although the volume of trades is earning them a pretty penny and since BTC went 4 times in value they got a 4 times increase in profits for the same trades. Bittrex also changed their terms of operation and any trade order more than 28 days old is cancelled. So there goes the catch the massive dump and have to reissue the trade order every 4 weeks.


About BCC on poloniex



can we send the maidsafe tokens to the paper wallet bitaddress.org now? anyone tried after the btc split please?

Bit address just makes a pvt and public key.
Ive not used it since the split.
Afaik any key pair generated in there will work on the btc chain.
If u want to be cautious, generate a key pair and check u can send to and send btc from it, if u can it will also work with omni tokens.

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