Poloniex troubles - Consider an actual wallet for your MAID

Cookies may help, but the errors I was getting were also different too as this was a response to “curl” accessing the api functions. I originally had curl not touching cookies and all was fine till they up the requirements on the cloudflare?? access mechanism. So without cookies suddenly my api calls were being rejected so I looked at the error response and figured that cookies was the most likely cause. And it was.

The rate limiting error seems to be a glitch more than anything else, so even with cookies (which you need now) it can appear even when not doing anything in particular.

The best I can determine is that when a new browser, IP address, or other parameter appears that cloudflare?? hasn’t seen before the connection is only allowed a very small rate of updates (web page uses api calls) and if that is exceeded, which is most likely, you get that error message and locked out for a small period.


4 days “awaiting approval” on 2 withdrawals and zero reply from support in 3 days on my ticket. WTH

Compliance teams insist a human being has to look at each WD in most circumstances (unless it’s tiny amounts and they’ve done all of their KYC), so with 50k users now they are probably trying to clear a big backlog with # of users still increasing each day. I wouldn’t be too hard on Polo, none of us really expected the first half of this year to see such epic growth either. It’s hard to be prepared for doubling your user base every few months, I’d guess it will take a while longer before they get their shit together.


I had the same, 2 months no support reply. I sold all alts into btc, withdrew to bittrex and rebought. Get off poloniex it’s not looking good


@Jabba yeah I get the increase and am somewhat understanding but I am verified up to my eyeballs at polo and have been for a long time. I should not have these issues.

@Msafe the first withdrawal was only a test amount of an alt to a new wallet so a small amount $30 or so and it’s now going on 5 days.
The other is a WAY more significant amount in BTC which is also sitting in limbo. Total BS


Fair play, I’ve never had a delay so just assumed it was people without all the kyc stuff done. :confused: That is pretty bad if it isn’t a huge amount. I’m glad I don’t have any coins on there atm hearing that…It’s a bit worrying.

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i’ve withdrawn every day for the last 6 weeks on Polo - never a delay or problem. Sometimes system runs slow, that’s all.


I’d say a 5 day ongoing delay on a verified customer is somewhat more than a “slow system”… thats overly generous.


Same experience last week, when I had to flip some MaidSafeCoin for Bitcoin to pay for crypto miners. Very smooth transaction on Poloniex. I’m not a trader, so I never ever hold coins on an exchange anyway. Good wallets for daily use are HolyTransaction (they temporarily stopped supporting MaidSafeCoin and Omni Layer tokens due to maintenance though), and Coinpayments, and Omniwallet as a backup for HolyTransaction. But nothing beats a paper wallet if you are a long term holder.

They apparently have systems in place that flag certain w/d for human approval. It seems that support must be running very slow or they need time to investigate you. All thanks to kyc crap.

I know its no help to you but my w/ds over the last 5 days have gone smoothly and not being verified past the 2K and thanks to the recent rise in BTC its going to take a few days more to get my recent buy (when it dipped to 15+K) of MAID withdrawn.

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I’m not alone and the saga continues. I’m fed up. If it is a staffing issue, then let us know via a public announcement. Being quiet about it is sketchy as …

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Are you from the USA? I wonder if there is sometimes more checking to be done for USA people.

I had a complete error yesterday and lodged a support ticket. Withing 5 hours it had gone through and the support ticket had not been looked at, so I guess the system retried automatically and I closed the support ticket myself.

Your “awaiting approval” problem sounds like they are way behind in the tickets or you are being investigated by them (or hopefully not - the ABCs) and they are waiting on other information.

I live in the States but am not from here. I was verified to 7k and completed further verification up to 25K in hope that it would release my funds. Nothing, not a word from them in a week now.
If they want to clarify something then let those of us having these problems know, don’t just be quiet about the cause. Having articles written about how much of an issue it is, is going to cause mass panic. Rightfully so in my mind.

I hope it is sorted out for you real soon.


Do you use 2FA?

Just asking because of this comment from the redit topic

Yes I do have 2FA enabled. Nothing has changed on my account in several months, this is completely out of the blue.
I have had zero issues prior to this.


Man, what a pain you’re going through. Can you do another, smaller transaction/withdrawal to the same wallet (new BTC address)?? Dumb question but I assume you got the 2fa conf email? And verified it?

It’s 2 separate withdrawals, both emails confirmed.
I’m pretty good about not keeping funds on exchanges so have nothing left there to try a 3rd withdrawal and I am absolutely not sending anymore to them :rofl:

First my guess this is all about polo being overwhelmed. Not scam. I say that because even the top guns with mega millions and best-in-class tech can’t keep it together …Coinbase.

Also I don’t follow the lowbudget industry rags that are fighting for clicks and make Jerry Springer look like The Atlantic.

I honestly think you’ll be fine. I know it doesn’t help but imo the alarm bells would be much louder if there was a problem with polo.


They did post this