Poloniex troubles - Consider an actual wallet for your MAID

Does anyone know whats the problem with mexico and poloniex? I cant use apps or apis only with vpn and the website works for some minutes then i have to refresh and enter capchas.

Are you using a VPN? I’m pretty sure the ?cloudflare? that Poloniex route through does not allow VPN usage (set by poloniex) and is why you would be getting capchas. Also if the VPN is changing your exit IP address then this would happen anyhow

No im not using vpn, im having this problems with my normal adsl and 4g conection. I test a vpn and it solve my problems with api keys for polotracker and ztrader.

I am unsure what is wrong. Maybe the following thoughts might help

I see then you are using 2 connections. Their spam protection has to validate each new browser instance and uses cookies to help with this. Now if you are swapping between ADSL & 4G then you appear different IP addresses. Most 4G services change IP address you appear as each time you use the 4G so then its possible that ?cloudflare? will want to validate your browser and thus the hoops you jump through. For your ADSL I am not sure, unless your ISP is changing IP addresses often.

It would seem the vpn makes you appear with the one IP address and solves the problem.

I think is something diferent, if it detects is a conection from mexico or something like that, because im almost never log on in poloniex. I have download diferent apps to check the price of maid in poloniex and it never appears even though i dont have to log on on the apps to check the price.

OK this is great but make sure you make this as its own thread because it’s very important for people to see it as the title, but it is not about Poloniex.

Thanks for the warning.


I have another idea. You showed the market for maidsafecoin and it did look fake. Maybe someone could look at the markets for other coins to see if they look fake, too.

OK check out this review website, bittrust. Here is the link for the hitBTC exchange:

Right now there are 29 reviews with a 2.62 average.

There are 11 5 star reviews
There is 1 4 star review
There are 17 1 star reviews

That seems pretty strange to me that only 1 person gave a 2,3, or 4 star rating. Anyway, I invite all of you to look at the website and judge for yourself.

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Hi Everyone,

I tried to withdraw MAID from Polo the last couple days. Everything goes fine until the verification email to finalize the transfer. I never get the email. I goto Polo history and clicked resend email over 20 times and 5 different attempts to different addresses. I never got one email. I tried to open a support ticket. This requires creating an additional login ID and an activation email. I don’t get that email as well. So I can’t even open a support ticket. I have completed many withdrawals from Polo before and have not changed anything…

  1. Anyone else having issues?
  2. Any suggestions?

Appreciate it!

Check your account details to make sure you haven’t been hacked and had your email changed or something.

If not it might just be a temporary issue. I’ve had it happen a few times where the emails were not being sent out, but 24 hours later it worked again fine.

They are swamped with support tickets, so if the email address is correct I wouldn’t worry too much, Just give them a few more days to get back to you and try it periodically again to see if it is fixed.

I’m not sure what their average response time is down to, but I’ll bet it is still over 3 days.

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Thanks Jabba,

All account details are what they should be. I will keep trying now and then. I just dont like to keep MAID in POLO or any other in POLO.


Sensible. Me neither. I don’t store anything at all on there.

Hopefully they’ll sort it within a week or so though and you can rest easy once they do.

I have heard a lot of folks complaining about slow CS responses so you are definitely not alone and probably don’t have anything to worry about, apart from the inconvenience of having to wait of course.

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I have to say it, check your spam folder and make sure it is not being filtered out by the ISP or email provider. Some people have found this out to be a problem.


Thanks Neo - Have checked many times

Then I suggest changing your email to a gmail (or similar) address and see if that works. No special characters, just the a-z, A-Z and 0-9 characthers

I dont think you can change your email because it is part of the login.

Update: I was able to withdraw the MAID coins today. Thanks everyone for your comments!!!


I had some issue with poloneix withdrawal a while back. It got resolved after some time without any action from my end. I didn’t file any tickets.

Everyone knows the real issue is the daily withdrawal limit.
It is a major issue for me, because I have managed to talk big clients into buying Maids, and the only thing that prevent them from buying is the idea to get stuck for days on polo while I secure only 25k a day.

I have tried many different things to get this limit raised with no success so far.
otherwise, I never had a pb withdrawing 25k.

But imagine a bitcoin millionaire, willing to flip some of his wealth into MAID, he would have parcel the trades across days or weeks. There is literally no way to buy $1m at market and withdraw instantly.
I have discussed with many different guys and a few whales and never came across anyone with more than 200k daily withdrawal on Polo.

If any of you within the MAID community has such an account, contact me in pm, I would be interested to talk to you.

Everyone understand why they keep a 25k policy right ? it is to keep the money on their platform…
I am not sure it is a great approach. It damages the crypto market as a whole and prevents big BTC and ETH player to invest serious money in good altcoin projects such as Maidsafe.


Just wait for nvo dex start working and all will be happy

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That maybe true. BUT also is the legislation requirements on Polo because they are registered in the USA and have to comply with KYC and money movement reporting laws. I’d guess that above 25K the reporting becomes more involved and so easier to limit it to 25K for most. (2K if no real ID)

If you want more limit then you have to request it specially. I do not know what the upper limit is for those people and likely depends on a case by case basis.

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