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I declared my positions almost immediately after I entered and exited them, which except for Fox and maybe 1-2 other guys no other person did.

That’s stock-market trader talk. “Positions” pfft. :slight_smile: Ask your average Maidsafe investor what positions means and they’ll probably direct you to Kama Sutra or something.

It clearly shows you are not the steady investor type but more the trader type who’s in for a quickie.


I don’t know what’s your definition of “quick”.
Do you think the Project has been progressing quickly? If yes, then I have been looking for a quick buck, because I owned most of my MAID from Day 1 (IPO).

Edit: I just checked - I lied, at the peak I had over 100K as I kept buying following the IPO (this is from my MasterXchange trading history).


*I don’t know what’s your definition of “quick”.

Quickie not quick.


Don’t flatter yourself :slight_smile: At that time 90% have already come out, including because of your whining.

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I’ll tell what doesn’t help… a part from the Maid team’s zero interest in PR… is the omni wallet… it’s been giving a duff balance on the wallet for weeks…

It say I have a USD total 4x what it really is… there something wrong in their calculation on the wallet.

I spotted this straight away but just hope others aren’t misled and think they’re richer than the really are !.. or should I say less poor… or their investment less broken…


I assume you guys who use Omniwallet see this bug as well, or is it just me !?


nice 2000 satoshi, -40%, duno what to say, my 100 btc investment is 10 btc now, juhuh


…the downside of relying on only 1 exchange and after-affects of masterxchange shutting down. I am very tempted to do a massive buy.


I don’t use omniwallet but omnichest.info to see my balance. Also good to say that Omniwallet and Omnichest aren’t related to Maidsafe but to the Mastercoin(now Omni) team.


I’m a bit gutted about the current MAID dive as well (I hold more MAID than BTC at the moment), but the market cap is currently under $5m.

If the network succeeds, your returns will be fantastic. Just don’t sell now, or you’ll be incredibly gutted if MAID rises to 1$ each in a year or two :slight_smile:


the value is now so low I hardly see the point in selling out… :s and when btc dumps well… hopefully I’ll still be able to buy a coffee…

we’ll have to just ‘pray’ that the collapsing Chinese keep pumping their captial into BTC !


It depends on what exchange the wallet uses to display the price. If it’s masterxchange it’s probably no longer relevant. We should tell the Omni devs to update price to reflect the Poloniex price.


Lowest price ever now I think, also in USD. I was wrong yesterday, apparently people are still jumping on the BTC hype today.

All crypto 2.0 projects seem to suffer, Ethereum and BitShares as well. I kinda expect this will reverse after BTC peaks.

Indeed, if you sell out right now you’re going to be that guy that does everything the wrong way around, selling low and buying high. Holding MAID is going to feel terrible the coming days/weeks, but you gotta keep your eyes on release.


Not sure that’s the case. Counterparty and Omni are doing quite well.



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The thread is misleading. The topic is not poloniex trading thread. The topic is maidsafe price. So would a new topic MAIDSAFE PRICE be appropo? This a very important topic now and influence on maidsafe price are nothing to do with poloniex.


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