Poloniex trading thread


I had liked your above post and said I agree with you.
I have nothing to argue about your views, I just said while I think MAID will jump following the next dev update, I can’t take the volatility any more. Probably you don’t agree with my lack of bravery, but you can’t know why I had to cut losses. Maybe I have to buy medicine for a sick relative or something. I don’t think you have much material for making objective arguments in this case.


MAID is being relatively stable during this BTC bull market, makes me believe the bear market for MAID is probably over. I would imagine that any whale wanting to get out of MAID would have dumped today.


True, it looks like the accelerated dumping ended in late October. In very recent days the volume’s been low (unlike with Bitshares where more than 1K BTC changed hands in the past 24 hrs!).

However it doesn’t take a lot to move the price down, so a lot also depends on the remaining buyers.


So we’re down to 39xx.

It seems the good news from the latest dev update weren’t enough to put the AI bots in panic buying mode.

What’s next, 29xx or 5xxx?


What good news? the latest dev update wasn’t good news. or am i missing something?
I was under the impression that after this dev update we were going to have a CLI connected to a broad network.
so for me it was a bit of a let down. Ben is going back home. That doesn’t seem to encouraging to me.
I would’ve loved to have seen the network up and running so maidsafecoin could sky rocket pass at least .0001


Things aren’t going to be truly taking off like most ignorant people think they are (with coins and worry about profit or whatever) until December or January, sorry. (I think that’s the safest people can hope for without getting too far away, like dare I say February.) Luckily, there are far more other alts with actual volume that people can sell, and leave poor old MAID alone…

As an interesting side note, Final Fantasy XV has also been in the works since 2006, and is also finally being released in 2016. Lol.


All time low! (buy?..)


Well, relatively speaking, it’s good (compared to before). Yes, some critical bugs caused another delay (my guess, by up to 1 week), but compared to before it’s better.

I think you may be missing a point I mentioned 2-3 comments above which is that the newly emerging issue is that buy orders have been evaporating. Just 5 hours ago (in that comment of mine) I noted there were 55 BTC worth of buy orders. At this moment there’s 21 BTC.
From recent comments it seems I’m the only guy who sold my MAID while most other people are eager to buy. Yet Polo data shows that 80% of buy orders evaporated since 7-10 days ago then there were 130-150 BTC in active buy orders. Maybe the pessimists don’t post here, or maybe not everyone who says “great chance to buy more MAID” is telling the truth. Probably the both.


In BTC, yes. In USD, no. BTC has an extreme surge, so it’s no surprise that people really want to hold BTC now.


I kinda understood you to be calling me ignorant. I really hope that maidsafe succeeds but I have to keep critical and not follow blindly. I’m not surprised that you would think a breakthrough is 2 to 3 months away.


haha, i have earned 60k maidsafe during the panic sell, thanks panic dumpers!!


Yes if I was to buy MAID today (fiat->BTC->MAID) it would cost just over 2.1 cents AUD

10 days ago when I bought a couple of BTC worth (fiat->BTC->MAID) it cost 2.0 cents AUD


That must mean you dumped your maid tokens also?


I am more interested in when will the BTC bubble will pop giving me a fiat buying opportunity to maid. I want to be in that small window time frame. It seems my prediction of .000036 is looking to high for a btc buy in.


Imagine the number he had to dump to make 60K extra. Traders do what traders do.


Unfortunately, I found the whale dumper may still have almost 10 million MAID to dump.
1DwRAsUs6c597euoWbjQp9xQwEg4pApwFJ, which got 33994242 MAID through MSC during the IPO. He is the Top 3 MAID holder!
He trade 7000MSC for 34 million MAID! Damn it!
The guy has dumped more than 15-20 million MAID until now.

MAID was killed by one guy.


maybe it is time to get rid of MAID.
Cut my loss 70%


So as soon as that whale has no more coins, price has much less resistance.

So it doesn’t really matter how low the price goes. In fact, the lower people set their buy orders (but not too low), the better off everyone will be. … The lower the price is, the faster it will take for the whale to sell.

Can only hope most people aren’t that/as insane as whoever that person is.


The TOP 10 MAID holders totally have 250 million Maidsafecoin.


Well everyone tell their friends that silly BTC-obsessed whales are going to dump then, and that MAID (equally good / superior technology) is going to be raining down into the hands of everyone who buys now.