Poloniex trading thread


Lol there was one order of 0.2BTC; that’s barely being bought. I also said I would buy the entire thing if I had the money, so it’s not surprising that someone bought some of it. It’s more surprising that it took this long for someone to nibble at it.

I was a super active/wary on-the-pulse day trader for like a year (gained thousands, lost thousands), I don’t need lecturing. I know markets are unpredictable. Whales put walls up all the time, and in cases like this it usually takes a long time for anything to happen to it, if anything does at all. (And again, this price seems kind of low, so I feel like the whale is taking a risk by placing that wall. Or it could be that he wants to sell all of that, though that’s more unorthodox than other strategies usually utilized).

edit: Oh yeah also wanted to make the point clear that whales also are full aware that markets are unpredictable, and that their walls could be gone at any time, since they know they’re not the truly almighty beings that many think of them.


Yeah I know, love to follow your and others comments here. Just wanted to give the point of view of an (temporarily) ex-trader lol. :wink:


the wall has been eaten, nice new whale is ready to buybuy buy!!!


Yeah, that 600+K didn’t last very long. I just bought few thousand MAID.
I wonder if the maniac will attack again while I sleep…


there are still crazy dumpers, sigh…


Well so much for the optimism of those who thought the maniac was done and the sell wall was just a trick.
Now there’s no sell wall but there’s a crapload of staged >10K sell orders…
After that maybe a few more 500K dumps and then back to 700K sell wall.
I think I will wait with new purchases until alpha version is out…


BTC is going hard, apparently touched $370 for a while. Start of a serious bull market?


really hope so, that would be perfect for SAFE. More eyeballs on the crypto scene for when SAFE network launches would be amazing.

In the meantime I’m buying Maidsafecoin while this BTC rally induced slump is going on.


MAID will probably go below 4000 though, hardly any buying power above that it seems. Just dropped to 4345.


This will be good! Let the cowardly hyenas dump! I love to buy cheaper :slight_smile:


I don’t think it has anything to do with people dumping because they are cowards, it’s because traders need BTC so they can use them as collateral to go long or short on BTC.

It’s a perfect time to buy any alt actually because you are effectively getting a discount because of some crypto daytraders lack of liquidity


Well Sia you could say has a currency that is also backed by data. Unfortunately its market cap is $235,867 at time of writing.


You are getting a discount if you already hold btc, if your holding fiat then the discount is almost non-existent.


All I know is less than 2 days ago I bought 17K (despite saying I won’t) and I’m down on that in BTC (and more in fiat, of course). It’s bad, altcoins are suffering pretty badly. I again sold all my MAID, thinking this could go on for days.

Problem is noone takes them seriously there’s like 50 farmers. But even if there was 500, I don’t see how that would change things for them. The s/w is not production ready and - this is very important - the market cap you mention is just the dollar value of coins that can be used to store shit on the network. However, it’s even worse than MAID, because miners can set their prices, so it sounds like BS - what’s the difference between buying Sia and waiting to use it and buying Sia once you decide to use it? It seems logical one shouldn’t buy any until the moment he needs them.
They also have another thing called Sia Funds which I couldn’t even figure out what the hell is that for. Plus the company has their own thing going on and shareholders, so what’s the point. I considered, but I resisted as logically I don’t see a point. This isn’t to say I won’t buy them in a moment of weakness :smile:


all alts are going down, look at bts, its marketcap is almost equal to maid’s :open_mouth:


So like…

MAID should increase 10x when the alpha or so or safecoin is finally out, looking at ETH’s market cap right now. At the least: 5x.


BitShares: LOL. 30+ % down today. Check this out - the pump prior to v2.0 and the dump after that. Plus a long term chart that’s going to 0.

But… but. they can do 100K transactions per second and bitcoin barely 3.5!
Hilariously they even have a referral program and some people were pumping Bitxx Hairs on this forum too.


I cut my losses in MAID about 10hrs ago, it wasn’t easy but by now I would have lost more. It’s tough out there! The maniac has set a new sell wall at 5000.


As far as we know, you will have no losses until you sell.There is no math there is only crowd psychology. If the crowd sells and I sell. To resist is difficult, but possible :slight_smile:
I have more than 200k and will not sell.I can wait.


I don’t disagree, it’s just that I had to limit some of my losses at this point.

At the moment there is only 55 BTC of buy orders at any price. 10 or so days ago the figure was 130 BTC or so. It takes just a handful of larger MAID holders (let alone the super-dumper whale) to halve the price. I’m not saying that will happen (I think the price will go up once alpha version is out), but until then anything can happen. I haven’t decided against creating some buy orders in case the price slides further.


I don’t want to argue.I like be dealing with the brave individuals.Sorry.Time will tell.