Poloniex trading thread


Anyone thought about those addresses. It must have taken them a while to get those ones

2 of Poloniex’s internal accounts

1Co1dhYDeF76DQyEyj4B5JdXF9J7TtfWWE Their “cold” storage account, starts with "Co1d"
1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh Their “transaction” account, starts with “Po1o”

Glad to buy 400k Maidsafecoins

The whales should be back in about a month or so after the BTC pump is over maybe sooner I’d say wait at least two weeks


Uhm, no. Because there’s no way to know if someone is just bullshitting or really saying what they think (and more importantly, do).

Failed prediction :slight_smile:
The whale is already back.


Thats not a wall… We have seen 1.5M - 2M walls on Masterxchange a year ago. We have like 100-200 BTC daily trading volume…


You’re saying there’s a minimum percentage of daily volume that can be considered to constitute a bid wall.
What percent value is that?

A single sell offer I pasted above is equal to 50% of today’s daily volume. I’m curious what percentage value qualifies if 50% doesn’t. And also what does the vertical thing remind you of. Some tropical fruit, perhaps?


This is just speculation to push the price down for a later pump when the network will be demo-ed. I think we can all agree that someone out there will begin pumping the price when this happens, I mean, look at Ethereum and Bitshares 2.0. Only speculation. Once we have some news and a demo traders will move back here for a while.


There is speculation, but your comment doesn’t explain it. Someone’s selling low in order to be able to buy high once they start pumping the price. How the hell are they going to make money that way (sell low, buy high)?

By the way, the amount of all buy offers is 87 BTC. I don’t remember seeing it so low in recent days. It seems buyers are getting exhausted. I bought some MAID at 4750 or so and want to see it climb above 5000.


From my viewpoint sellers are getting exhausted.:slight_smile:


I meant the pump that comes with whales ofc :slight_smile: … The ones that dump were all the time present haha

Then again they probably want to buy sub 1.5c now with this sell wall in the book


I’ve been both buying and selling this week, so from my viewpoint I’m fxxxing exhausted and now I’m going to have a few drinks to relax…

(And subjective feelings aside, there are numbers on Polo. We know that for example last week the sum of all buy orders was 130 BTC and more. Now it’s less than 90. There’s no need to have an opinion on whether now is less than before. The sell side amounts (MAID for sale) are too long to remember, but if you think they are more exhausted you should be able to furnish a proof).


I could be wrong, and will not prove anything to you. In addition, I’ll be happy to buy more if the price will be lower than it is now.


Because that whale doesn’t plan on anyone buying that sell wall. Though I would if I had the cash LOL. So yeah this is just more speculation again and on my part but: I think someone put it there so that the price doesn’t rise. Because Eth and BTC are finally taking a little break/breather.


+1 I think he does not to be left out although I would too buy that wall in an instant if I had the cash :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the sell orders are 3.8M now, it was over 5M when the buy orders have 130btc, so i think the whale controls the buy and sell orders

if he removes 600k sell order, the sell order will be only 3M, which means pump will be coming soon, he highly controls the price, which make me more confident that maid will be going up crazily like ethereum in the near future


Good info, thanks. That’s what I was hoping Cryptomaniac could provide.

The wall is not that far away and it’s not like he can reliably plan that. If he sets it to 4999, the next minute there will be 5 sell orders cheaper than that. Or buyers who hoped for a pump may give up and move their buy orders to a lower price range, creating the illusion that the sell wal wasn’t properly planned.


One has to be cognisant of all potential actors in the market. Threads are littered with shills. Liquid markets provide ample opportunity. Up or down movements can be exploited, the bots are very active on polo maid.


I’m sure maid will go up, down or sideways. Did I mention my predictions never failed me?

Seriously, I don’t care so much what the maid price will do short term. I bought in at IPO and several moments since then, now being happy with the stash I gathered. Now I’m mostly interested with what I can do with maid/safecoin on the SAFE Network. In the end that’s all that matters, right? Well, to me anyway. :slight_smile:


May our whale keep selling there, and keep distributing.


I am sure most people here agree, but this is a trading thread :smile:


… and the sell wall is being bought less than 24 hours after you predicted that won’t happen.