Poloniex trading thread


It almost feels like this is the price that it should have been for all time thus far, but that the markets pumped it up due to it being a new coin, with of course all the features stated. Of course, the faith was off the charts for a whole year, which is how it was able to stay so high. Hopefully in the coming months there can be some natural steady rises, now that there is much much higher chance for the final project to be completed. And everyone is a lot more informed now. Yet there is still the whims of the whales.


Any guesses whether the whale sold the 4 million maid yet?


Who knows. And who knows if the whale may want to keep a lot of that for when test-safecoin comes out.

I’d guess that the price will jump when installables for test-safe coin is announced.

I’d guess there will be a jump with the installables for test-vaults (+ NAT traversal) comes out in a week or two.

At the moment MAID looks like its trying to rise in price. The whale did not do the typical dump in the last 24 hours. Just a small number of smaller dumps to keep the price higher. Of course it could have been a number of people selling too.


MAIDSafe has been dropping profusely since Mastercoin Exchange announced that it be will be closing shop by the 15th of November. However, there are some technical signals that the sell-off may be tapering off. For starters, yesterday’s daily candle is showing extremely high volume at 333 BTC, which happens to be the highest volume since MAIDSafe started trading on Poloniex! The close of the bar is much higher than the low, about mid-way. This is telling me that capitulation (panic selling) may have occurred yesterday, and price may start to reverse over the next few days, as there are no more sellers left. Of course there is no way to be 100% certain that is what took place yesterday, but that is what this candlestick formation is suggesting.

Read More: http://themerkle.com/news/maidsafe-technical-analysis-for-21102015-is-the-selling-over/


How useful is a technical analysis if the market is moved by one dude?


True, I have silenced safecoin topics as it is too much for me just now. I will say though the last few days/week or so have been amazing. If we lose large holders then the more smaller people can join in. This was a big draw of a crowdsale, lots and lots of supporters, it was not a few huge holders, no offence to anyone but for us lots of supporters is much better. So I am really happy. I know there are an unknown # of speculators only, but that’s life. I feel the project has many supporters (many of whom are also speculators and that’s cool IMO) and with a fine tail wind I hope we can make them all very happy and a wee bit prosperous as well :wink:


I have been buying crypto currencies for almost 3 years now and I found none with such a promising prospect as SafeCoin. :smile:


As mods we close new topics about price speculation and move the replies to this topic. All speculation is welcome but we don´t want the frontage filled with to much topics about the price of Maidsafecoin.


@neo your logic is sound, but beware that markets often move against the consensus of what they should do in any given circumstance. That’s a fundamental! :smile:

In the longer term in sure you’re right, and I agree that as things hot up the price should rise. But will it, I don’t know.


I have been buying lot’s of cryptos too, because I don’t know wich one will be the next BTC. However, since I found Safecoin I almost forgot the others, and I am betting most of my coins on it. I am totally amazed by this project.


this crazy dog dumps again


Don’t think we’ve seen anything yet: http://omnichest.info/lookuptx.aspx?txid=22c69808bf8448a433584a78abb7b533ca18e40731b21c5797553aeb9926cfaf

7 million more coins transferred to Poloniex. Current dip is just someone who’s had a large buy order in for a while.


Indeed. I looked 30 min ago and thought it wasn’t him because only 8BTC was dumped. Now it’s 30.

Well, yesterday I bought few K at 4900 and sold today for 5400, probably it’s time for another round!

7 more mil transferred to Polo? Lol the whale is resourceful. Just like I thought. Maybe he has 20 million more.


how do u know it is a polo address? not a whale bought 7 M and transferred them to his address?


It’s the same address poloniex always uses. If you deposit/withdraw coins they’re from there. Seen it myself.


Hmm… No. You have an individual address for deposits. That’s the one Polo uses*, so they are adding funds to themselves to pay users.



so u mean polo sent 7 M to this address right?


Yep. It’s an internal transaction.


maybe this is polo’s cold storage address


Those individual addresses forward to 1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh