Poloniex trading thread


Big transfer of wealth has been going on in recent days, that’s for sure.


yeah, new whales got price under ipo, waiting for new pump

dump whale vs pump whale :grin: :joy:


The hack happened, but all customers were apparently paid back. http://www.coindesk.com/poloniex-claims-customers-repaid-following-march-bitcoin-hack/

Definitely don’t store coins on an exchange.


Exactly. I know that because I was a Polo customer at the time.
But the coins were returned and no customer suffered any hit, let alone “serious”. And what he said was:

That’s the only place where you can conveniently trade, so it’s like saying “don’t trade on a cryptoexchange”. Not really possible. A more practical advice is to not park most of your coins there. But if you don’t have many to begin with…


Well how does one park his coins if there is no safe wallet?


i prefer polo, i have used that exchange for 1 and half year, it is best one, and never lost money there.


What do you mean? If you’re asking about safe personal storage for MAID, you sure can buy a hardware wallet and hold them there.
Or, for a low cost solution (which you can screw up if you fiddle with it while being clueless), create a 2-of-2 multisig address and send the coins to it. You’d have a separate security approach for each of these addresses, obviously, so even if the private key of one of them becomes compromised, the attacker could not steal your coins. You can go nuts and create 15-of-15 if you want.

I did, when that attack happened, but it wasn’t much and I felt sorry for them so I donated them the money they owed me. I do dislike them for the recent compliance moves, so I am not even trying to defend them - just hate to see people spread lies.


I mean there is no maidsafe wallet. So shareholders are force to store on the exchange.


Not at all. You can send your MAID to any bitcoin address, including your Omni client or Omni Web wallet.
You can even send your MAID to your blockchain.info Web wallet (you just won’t be able to see it there from their GUI, but you can retrieve it later from any Omni client or Web wallet).


my maidsafe buy strategy is what to see if btc retraces and hoping that maidsafe does not not go up in price too much and remain at 6k or below.


ugh… I’m tapped out. That was me… brining it over .00005 :sunglasses:


Ex forum member at work inside of Poloniex trollbox, Monday, October 26, 2015, 7:50am UTC time:

chikundinner: /meis watching MAID lose value by the second

The dumper is active again. Briefly pushed the price down to 38xx (26K MAID for 1 BTC).

I wonder if he’s just getting rid of MAID or actually attacking the price. Probably the former and if I had to bet I’d say it’s someone who bought MAID for MSC.


This guy is pathetic and he was asking himself why did we call him an a**hole :smile:


I bet the whale seller is JR~The son of MSC


Few days back someone (dallyshala?) posted stats on how much MAID was bought with MSC.
Considering MSC was junk and MAID wasn’t, it didn’t require Einstein brains to dump MSC on to MaidSafe in exchange for MAID. So they bought many millions of MAID.

The question is if they were smart to sell on time. Looking at the long term chart, it appears that they still had quite a few on their hand because dumping (as opposed to timely selling) has accelerated recently. Maybe they’re trying to move to BTC, maybe they simply realized they’d like to balance their holdings between MAID and BTC. And so since July/Aug they started to divest.

Probably 30-50 BTC a day and lately even more, which means they offloaded about 5,000 BTC worth of MAID, if not more. Considering that more than approximately one half of all IPO MAID were bought by MSC buyers, they quite possibly had over 200,000,000 MAID at the outset and so it’s very difficult to even guesstimate what is the situation right now.

This just my speculation and a quick take at what I guess might be the source of MAID of the Dumping Whale(s).

Another interesting thing, I think, is that before we assumed the IPO annoyance was the last unpleasant thing related to MSC, but this - the fact that those guys have economic interest to sell before the BTC buyers - could be Part II.


I always expected huge dumps from the MAID whales, but then after launch of the real SafeCoin, not before it. I think in the end this may be less damaging than a huge drop right after SAFE goes viral.


As the world’s data begins to flow through Safe Network, then it becomes the denominator representation of the sum of the earth’s people’s activities. Thus things like the us dollar and other currencies when seen from a certain perspective, are really worthless because they have no real denomination. They are not an earth’s resource, as clothing at best. Then if one was to look, okay what should represent all of our resources, why not the digital representation of all of our activity, and how do we get that? we spend safecoin for our data. And that data is made available by a global participation. So then it makes sense that why not trade lumber, and pay for developing and people’s time with safecoins rather than any paper money. There is no real way to protect against double spending using fiat, it is just as bad of an idea as using seashells. Seashells have a price, though being used as the currency #1 of barter is not the best idea. Safecoin = the sum of all data of a network upheld by each of its participants = all digitally documented activities of those people = their economy, therefore access to economy = having access to safecoins. And if physical resources then can be priced in its digital data representation - an algorithm could be extrapolated to determine a reasonable price. When the network expands into a significant size, it will become the place for commerce to occur. There’s a huge convenience to having a secure currency that is also a data resource right in any app or browser.


We need hundrends of millions of people using SAFE to reach that stage. Regardless of whether SafeCoin would then become the world’s currency of choice, with such a user base SafeCoin market cap would be orders of magnitude higher than BTC’s anyway. The real question is if SAFE will function as intended. Is it going to be stable and self-sustaining (truly atonomous), or will we encounter a fundamental problem in the core design?


To be honest I had completely forgotten about those guys until this whale guy appeared. I just didn’t think he was borrowing MAID to dump it. Think about it - those guys are still in plus from their purchase and do not need to wait until the launch.

One more point from my little research: I am not sure what the hell “donation” means but here’s a mention of one guy making a 25,000 (MSC, presumably) payment. We know at the time the rate was 5:1 (MSC/BTC) which entitled him to 85 million MAID. Another cute fact is that just 10 addresses seem to have bought 83% of all “MSC MAID” (see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=577149.215;wap2) which would have been 264,963,224 MAID. Again, who knows what “donate” means in that context.


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