Poloniex trading thread


you must think I have a lot more money than i do.

thanks for the compliment.


no need to scare people.

people put in stop losses which can triggered in a shallow market with low/sporadic demand.

and they know that some people who have forgotten about MAID for a year are being forced to move it off masterxchange and might want to just drop their coins and move on.


You live in Ibiza, Spain. Im sure you do have money to do such thing.


This is probably what happened in quite a few cases.

I had a feeling masterexchange was about to close down 2 months ago since there wasn’t much action and growth there so I have moved my stash to Omniwallet.

People should be careful about keeping their coins on Poloniex. This exchange was hacked in the past and even though the owners covered some of the coins they didn’t cover it in full so people still took a serious hit.

      Someone is trying to kill the maid.Any thoughts?

Someone is trying to provide us cheap Safecoins. Glory for him!


one year after one year…


but make previous buyers as bagholders…


I call bullshit on this.
Can you provide source/URL?

Q3 2016 isn’t good enough. If the SAFE v1.0 isn’t out by early-to-mid Q2 next year, MAID will be 30-50% cheaper than now. The coin should hit the bottom not later than January 2016. If it doesn’t, most owners won’t wait until Q3 2016 to sell it.

Currently there’s just 100 BTC of buying interest for the coin (at any price at all, but half of it aims for 3200 sats and lower), so only 0.045% of all MAID has any bid at all. On the sell side there’s 1% of supply available and if no big news happen by spring, MAID holders may start running out of patience.
The situation will resolve before H2 2016.


According to the top-grade economist of this forum whom I shall not name, the loss of purchasing power of MAID (and consequently SAFE, later on) is great for all users and motivates everyone to use the SAFE network.

For the record, I sold my MAIDs (a 4-digit amount) 2 days ago at around 6000 sats (for reasons explained in this comment above) and I don’t hold any at the moment. At the moment the chart (MAIDBTC) is looking very bad (after looking merely bad 4-5 days ago), my concerns stated in that topic on v1.0 still bother me, BTC is on the upswing, short sellers are having their day and it seems no one expects v1.0 to appear before end of Q1 2016 so the mood is bad.
The short seller is not the biggest problem, but what Prophetx said: there isn’t much demand. And there isn’t much demand because of reasons such as those outlined above.


Has sold? I did not expect from you. :slight_smile: And I continue to buy,because I do not believe in a technical analysis the market, where you can to deploy the market in the opposite direction with only a $ 30,000.


I didn’t say I’m out. I just don’t don’t hold any at this moment.

I don’t either, it’s just one of things, probably a minor one, to potentially consider. One could make an argument about a lack of conviction when only $30K (out of $6 million or whatever) can crash the price this much, but it’s up for everyone to figure out for themselves what that means. I don’t pretend to know the truth - these are just my thoughts on why the price has dropped so much in recent weeks.

There’s a chance that alpha version shows the true potential of the network, so I am hoping that by January 2016 MAID starts taking off, especially if coin economics be more clearly defined so buyers are in clear how coin economics will work.

Edit: January 2016, not 2015


I think demand among the current SAFE followers is simply saturated, and “we” have hardly grown lately. So yes, barely any demand until SAFE generates public interest again through actual releases.


There are so many coins and so many projects out there. We’re just another project that says we’re gonna change the world. Just like the others. At least from a perspective from people who don’t know that much about Safenet. My expectation is that we’ll get more attention once the network is live. That’s the moment people can finally test and see what SAFE is all about. And heej, we’re getting close!!!


In terms of other projects, none are like SAFE, but there’s some overlap.
Someone who’s looking at all things good about SAFE may wait till the project is completed. Another may just use whatever works for him at the moment (for example Zeronet, Freenet, whatever).

My concern, as stated before, is that the window of opportunity is closing. Let’s fast forward to 6 months from now, May 2016. By then some of those similar projects may actually become relatively user friendly and gain a growing following.
Maidsafe is a complete solution that solves several big problems in one package. That’s a huge plus, but it must come out before those with a practical mindset start settling down for something else.

Related to that chart, I see 70% done. But 70% of what? Of alpha version? Is there a page which explains how these pie charts relate to the roadmap? The marketing move with changed names (dev bundles instead of the usual alpha, beta, testnet) doesn’t help, it only makes people more skeptical.

I should add that I look forward to using SAFE, partially because I’m a geek. But, and I’m saying this because this is a trading thread, I may or may not buy a large amount of MAID (or SAFE, later). It has to work, and it has to have meaningful coin economics for the coin to recover in price.


I hope you do not have to make a living from trading…

Everytime someone dumps 50, 100BTC worth of SAFE, new bitcoins arrive to Poloniex.


No, I don’t have to make a living by trading (which is good, because I mostly lose).

Do you mean MAID? I don’t see what’s bad about people buying and selling stuff on free market. One person can’t sell A if nobody wants to buy A.
Also what does Polo have to do with all that? Are you saying they’re making “too much” from people using their services? Sorry but I don’t understand your comment.


You said that there are only 100BTC of buying interest for MAID. That’s actually not true. In the last days hundreds of BTC have been invested in MAID. Not everybody that want MAID have an buy order in the orderbook.

If someone buy now 100BTC of MAID, we go to 10k satoshis.


And that does by some chance also apply to those who want to sell?

To 7960, at the moment. I am not denying any information from the Polo trading page.
Can you explain your earlier comment on Poloniex? Or are you just trying to argue with me for the sake of arguing?


crazy whale dumped a lot again… over 1 million…


And somebody bought 39btc wall instantly :slight_smile: