Poloniex trading thread


Yeah and instead of doing it OTC they decided to have some fun on Poloniex… Wanna bet? :wink:


Let the dumpers worry that BTC is going up so that they must sell MAID. In the future BTC won’t matter.


We don’t really know if those who sell care about BTC. We can merely speculate.
Certainly the EU VAT decision is another positive for BTC so that could be related, but people who sell MAID for BTC could be going anywhere.

But aside from that I am surprised that buyers almost immediately bid the price up after such large transactions. Aggressive trading!


i just wonder did the dumper bought his own coins, so he made a nice fake trade. very surprised too


it is because some people are using the margin trading ability to short, and realized that there are not enough people holding MAID that are actively trade to dump after the initial dump… hence he had to cover his short position before someone else screwed him


if you have some spare change ( at least 25k - 50k) and want to have a little fun, there are currently about 1.3M MAID available for lending.

Watch this number and if it falls by 50% AND the price falls… start buying up MAID. you only need 70 BTC to bring it up 100% right now. it is possible that there might be stop loss sells on the way up but i doubt there would be that many.

you could trigger short sellers to liquidate their positions and forcing them to buy up MAID at 2X their price they dumped at.


Additionally added an address lookup, so if you put an address on the bar in the bottom it will fetch the balance for the address.



In my village 10 BTC is a lot and the chart is looking bad right now (they “helped” with that, but still).
We can assume to know how many MAID he has or can borrow, but we don’t. He could have millions of MAID.
To me the chances of price recovery seem 50/50, so knowing his firepower I’ll take it easy for a week or so to see how the recent crash resolves.

Why is Safecoin price crashing like a rock?

what are you seeing now is accumulation. It is a great time to play with maid price because there is only one market and it can be easy manipulated with app 50 btc. How do i know that, because i was doing the same thing , this time i used him to get another 50k from range of 5300-5100 sat. The rise of btc and price fall on masterxchange made a perfect entry zone


Maybe, but maybe he could push it down to below 4000, we know he can easily drop 100 BTC worth of orders any time.
We’ll see in 10 days (I don’t think this range 5500-6500 will hold for more than 10 days, it’s either going to go up or down).


This Maid bitch bites hard… :cry: she will not be pushed up in price as much as I try push…plenty of bull traps and bears by the traders… At least the bottom are getting higher in price… :grin:


Why push up, other small people might be trying to get their fair share of maid while it is low in price.

(I know because I finally got a couple of BTC this week and hoping to get maid while its below 6000)


The only thing missing is a pic of some sexy maid with S&M toys. With a strong bottom to encourage us all, of course.


lol, there is a huge 98 btc buy wall at 3400 sat, i just wonder will some guys dump to that price, cause 3400sat is lower than ipo price, and we need to sellb4.7 million maid to hit that buy order


That may be 98 small people that Neo mentioned earlier, trying to get in :slight_smile:


is current maid/btc price cheaper than ipo price? i see current marketcap is 6.8 million, lower than 8 million usd, so fiat price must be lower


think about the volume though, if 8 million produced 30 million of economic activity then that means 30 million is the market cap. So the price per unit doesnt necessarily mean the market cap.

Technically sure market cap is 7 million etc, consider that the actual sale price of maidsafecoin was lower because some much of it was in mastercoin, so also technically the price of 2 cents is also too high if we’d compare to the sale at the crowdsale;

So many coins were also bought and sold at 6 cents and created exchange churn, if totaled is well above 8m

economic value will set in when we can spend them on data


It’s not. But BTC is cheaper.
Edit: Yesterday when I wondered about this myself, at 6000 sats MAID was worthier than at IPO, but right now it is not. At 5500 sats you can get slightly over 18,000 MAID for 1 BTC, whereas at IPO you could get less for 1 BTC - 17,500.

You must have watched the recent ECB press conference!
Remember, everything they say there is a big lie!

MAID is sliding on the lack of positive news and I think the slide will likely continue until alpha version is out. ProphetX said the alleged short seller is exposed but the current lack of buy orders is equally pronounced. Now it takes just 30 BTC to push the price to 4xxx.


when we start farming, and they are consumed a fresh supply will always be on the exchange, and a fresh supply will be consistently bought the price will move because sudden lacks of supply and also sudden lacks of consistent purchase.

buying and putting data, = loss of tradable coins
farming and aggregating to the exchange, = gain of tradable coins

as long as they are close the the same the price can stay the same, if one day no one decided to sell, and the same buys came into the exchange, then the price goes up… right now mostly everyday people feel like selling so the price goes down, if people were buying and putting data, and making the coins not exist in anyone’s hands anymore until farmed, then the price will then rise;

but if there is a 1:1 of sells to buys then the price doesnt need to move anywhere.
That’s unlikely;

Right now there is only one place to use maidsafecoins - the exchange, and there are only 3 activities, hold, sell maids, buy maids (requires bitcoins)

so if you dont have bitcoins but you have maidsfecoins and log into the exchange the only activity available is sell or hold… so… its more likely people are going to hit sell; that isn’t to say that there is still some buy going on since some people do have bitcoins.


There’s too many assumptions - when I try to think of these things and give an order of magnitude leeway to the value of each variable, my head hurts.
Truth is, none of us can predict next week’s price of oil or a mature cryptocurrency such as BTC.
I am not saying any of things you mention are wrong, but they’re extremely difficult to predict.

By the way, the dumping whale is at it again, just dropped 30 or so BTC in one go. That guy is fearless. He’s now 10 BTC from pushing the price to 4xxx area.