POLONIEX now KYC compliant

This is just a panic thread. chickendinner is creating panic to push the price down. A investor would never create a panic before selling his holdings at the highest price. strategist would create a panic to buy back at a lower price. This is the oldest trick in the book. The biggest voice is often the biggest scammer. Maidsafe does not evolve around a exchange wanting basic personal details. This just a a pebble in the ocean. As a maidsafe investor I do not care if people are pushing the price down means more maidsafe for me… yeeepeee


Don’t lie Justin! The only thing I do garner from the reading of your statement is that you have first hand experience in pulling just that type maneuver. You’re statement is so faulty you just exposed yourself as a culprit.

And get my name right if you are going to say lies, it’s chickundinner! Go back to your BTC-e trollbox liar.

You’re welcome :smile:

Anyhow I am out of poloniex now and will re-evaluate it if/when I want to buy more maidsafecoin.

polo first level of security, is just your name and country and it say’s $2000 worth of btc can be withdrawn per day. do you really think your government will connect you to the maidsafe if your name was john smith. I see why you are worried when your name is chickundinner. This thread is just being used as trollbox to create panic sells within 24 hours.

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I am here to defend maidsafe and poloniex.

So 50 bitcoin per day or 800,000 maidsafe per day withdrawal with no Identity verification is about $11k per day you could withdraw. Now that has changed to ZERO. ZERO withdrawal allowed without identity verification. But oh “accounts won’t be locked”. Bullshit.

Even WITH identity verification only $2000 per day can be withdrawn now. So we are looking at less than 20% of the daily trade volume per trader, unless those traders feel comfortable leaving balances overnight in excess of daily withdrawal limits at poloniex. Which, a year ago, got hacked for 12% of bitcoins on deposit and responded by SEIZING 12% of all customer’s deposits.

And maidsafecoin is still not listed on any other exchange but masterxchange, which has huge withdrawal problems of its own. So yeah, panic selling is quite justified under these conditions, just my 2 cents.

$2000 is level one identification, level 4 is $80000, this concludes security. most people register bank account details when buying bitcoin or turning bit coin into fiat. So majority of people are not bothered with polo security levels unless you have bought bitcoin with cash there is always money trail left. safe coin will turn into cash once on the network, I believe your details are the ownership of the exchange, a court order would have to be made to release information. only some one laundering money would be effected or tax evasion. with only 10% safe coins released and the network not even working why be bothered unless you are greedy and think maid safe is your way to be millionaire in fiat.

poloniex has a sea of green in the top volume trades, the only one in the red is maid. well done guy’s, nice troll panic thread…

Wow you’re right about the other cryptos on the exchange. I guess it’s time to turn this bus around and go the other direction.

20 bitcoin will put as above stellar on daily volume for #4 spot and a nice double digit % daily gain price up to .000128 - anyone want to pitch in $5k to make it happen? Don’t worry just make a new account with your name and country of residence, you can withdraw the $5k worth of maid over 3 days at level 1.

It was that or go bust because they simply didn’t have the reserve to cover the whole.
The “borrowed” amount was prorated across users’ accounts and accounted for as Polo’s debt, which was eventually returned from trading margins (I suppose - I donated (forgave) to Polo the amount I was owed, so I don’t know).

I think that’s not the main point for a majority of the users. People detest the government and mass surveillance.
I didn’t have a lot and what I have is not taxable (by my country’s gov’t), so this KYC policy crap has no effect on me.
But I moved all my tokens out of Polo to send them a message.

And if you can’t verify that at a later point, your withdrawals may get automatically blocked until you submit all your personal details and a scan of your ID, and then you may get a VIP treatment from your taxman.
Better withdraw and trade on P2P markets than cut corners for almost zero benefit and at a significant risk.

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Everyone withdrew their maidsafecoins; and no there is not to be any or much selling pressures; this means the price can move more freely, but also means you don’t want to sell (on poloniex) from a speculators perspective; now the problem how to anonymously liquidate your coins is your issue;

now you (the maidsafecoin owner) command the price :wink:

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Lol…could I just advise a bit of caution when taking advice about whether to buy or sell Maids, from anybody whatsoever including myself and apply a heavy pinch of salt to all claims made and do your own homework.
Not doing so can lead to false accusations which is worse than unfriendly and causes disharmony - you get into all the “Who’s the real Capt Kirk” type scenarios.
I think we can agree that there is a lot of manipulation by a handful of large whale holders/traders and that logically such a person has an incentive to get the crowd to buy, so he/she can raise the price higher, before selling and the reverse.We just have to be mindful I think
There are other more friendly rhetorical means to winkle out info or “hone in” on where the info/argument lies without making a direct accusation which could easily be wrong. If you are going to accuse somebody of something, then make sure you are armed with the evidence before claiming “Col Mustard, in the forum, with the Troll hammer” type stuff - simply because the accused could counter-accuse with just as much validity and it get’s us nowhere.
Simply saying " Somebody wishing to manipulate the market, would probably say the same thing" is better than “You are just manipulating the market” I think

Manipulator!..get 'im…lol… :smiley:

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Im interested in storing data; nature tips the scales.

@happybeing thank you for your understanding, it’s very much appreciated.

As an update, I’ve now closed my Poloniex account as I’m not prepared to accept their terms and conditions. If I’d read your message earlier I could have taken a screenshot of the withdrawal restrictions which were highlighted in my user profile. However, from memory they have placed limitations on the amount you can withdraw, which can be lifted depending on how much personal information you give them.

The first basic restriction is that as of today (20th May) anyone who wants to withdraw up to $2000 USD worth of funds has to provide first name, surname and country of residence. I’m pretty sure it was the equivalent value of funds in crypto / BTC etc as I don’t remember having the facility to withdraw fiat currency from Poloniex (unless that’s changed)? But I’ll happily stand corrected if I’m proved wrong on that.

One of the most upsetting and disturbing aspects of this is how Polniex has behaved. Users were basically told 48 hours in advance of these new rules. I was in the habit of logging in every day because I knew it was only a matter of time before the nonsense started, as it’s become clear to me now that there are very few exchanges (if any) that can be trusted. I almost lost all of my holdings in the recent Bter hack. But to be fair to them they recovered pretty much everything. I was also trading on MtGox in the early days and just managed to avoid that disaster by the skin of my teeth,

I had accumulated about 25 different currencies in my portfolio and I had less than 48 hours to find a new home for them all. Could I have stayed with Poloniex and accepted their new policies? Sure, but it’s a point of principle with me. My beliefs are fully commensurate with the ethos of a decentralised Internet which provides security and anonymity for everyone. Hence my support and belief in MaidSafe. Thus, my biggest concern was finding somewhere other than an exchange to hold my MaidSafe.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally managed to do that via Omniwallet. However, it was far from obvious to me, as I didn’t actually know too much about the Mastercoin protocol. Also, the 1000 maidsafe appear to have been lost as I had made the mistake of attempting to transfer them to an online btc wallet (rush) and from there to Master Exchange. Unfortunately, that was before I knew about Omniwallet.

In summary, the way Poloniex has behaved towards their users is rather distasteful and they are no longer operating in a way which is in line with the spirit of crypto in my humble opinion. They have also now set up a platform at the same time which encourages people borrow and to lend their crypto to other users so they can engage in margin trading. This smacks of the way that Wall Street and the City of London operates, and I’m not prepared to have any part of that, now I know what I know about how corrupt the whole financial system is.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome. Glad you have it sorted. I agree that 48hours was the real issue here, and I’ve not seen Poloniex explain that. Either it was forced on them or a deliberate choice made at the expense of their users. Either way their silence on it isn’t helpful, and leaves a very nasty taste regarding them as a platform.

Unless you can get the private key for the Rush wallet address you sent the MAID to, or can get them to do a manual transfer to an address for which you do have the key, they are lost. Its worth asking them though, as it is definitely something they can do, though its not something I think they can be expected to do for a relatively small amount at current valuations.

I rescued them! :smile:
Here’s how:

  1. I checked the address at omniwallet again using the Rush btc address I sent them from, and much to my surprise the balance of 1,039 showed up! Maybe they didn’t show up before because of the blockchain?
  2. The balance of Maid showed up even though the btc balance at my Rush wallet was and is zero.
  3. There is a facility on the Rush wallet to export the private key, so I imported the key into the ominiwallet.
    It worked!
    Awesome guys, thank you all for your help. Happy again!

PS. @janitor sorry we got off on the wrong foot! Hope we can put all that behind us.


NP, sorry if I came across too strong. Glad to hear you rescued the coins.


Thanks @neo
I’ve managed to resolve it now, coins rescued! See my comment below at the foot of the thread. Thanks for your help once again.

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