POLONIEX now KYC compliant

You can send your BTC from poloniex to masterxchange. Same for MAIDSAFECOIN, but ensure that you send from a BTC address to BTC address and MAIDSAFECOIN address to MADESAFECOIN address. (Like janitor said)

Hi, thanks for ‘telling’ me and pointing out my failings! I thought this was a friendly forum, but obviously I was wrong about that! But I’ll deal with your responses one by one:

First of all 'what am I raging about"? Well I wasn’t really raging at all, but I was in a bit of a panic in light of the predicament caused by Poloniex. But now I’ve read your response I’m now about to start raging.
Poloniex in their wisdom decided (yesterday) that all their users have less than 48 hours to comply with their new terms and conditions, which involves giving up your personal details so they can be passed directly to the IRS.

Sorry, but I thought the whole point about MaidSafe was to have a secure and anonymous completely decentralised Internet where we can conduct our own transactions in private? Is that not the case? If so, what the hell are you doing recommending an exchange like Poloniex for? Based in the US!
Also, didn;t you state above at the very top pf this thread: quote: “f***k them, I’m withdrawing all my holdings!”? Or maybe I missed something?

Moving on:
How is it possible to send MaidSafe tokens from a Bitcoin address? When you’re not allowed to send them to a bitcoin wallet / address? A little bit confusing don’t you think? My 1000 MaidSafe are gone because I tried to do what you suggested! And just to be clear I’m not blaming anyone else, I just thought that maybe someone here might offer some friendly advice. I guess I was wrong!

And I did some ‘elementary’ reading , but it’s still clear as mud!
Thanks anyway though!

PS. Would it not have been a good idea to create a simple MaidSafe coin wallet in the first place so people could keep their MaidSafe in? But then maybe that’s too simple an idea?

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There is omniwallet.org. if you want it safe import watch only address while keeping you private key offline it’ll show you your balance in btc as well as maid. Look up armory to generate offline wallet or search for how to generate btc address…in case you want to transfer some maid just import you private key into omniwallet…:slight_smile:

The maidsafecoin is an asset of the mastercoin protocol (who work over the bitcoin blockchain) so is normal you see a small BTC transfer in a maidsafecoin transfer. If you want to made a maidsafecoin transfer, outside the two exchanges, you need a mastercoin compatible wallet like:

You can save you maidsafecoin in any BTC wallet that you control the private key (this is the most important). You can use, for example, the bitcoin core, a paper wallet, electrum, armory…

If you want to use a web wallet is better to use one who have mastercoin protocol:


If you have the private key of your rushwallet you can recover you 1000 maid, in any moment, by importing the private key to omniwallet.

Most of us prefer that developers use their talents to develop the Safe network instead of wasting time on things that already have an easy solution.

And a little research help a lot…


No, you have not lost your Maidsafecoins. Just go to https://www.omniwallet.org/ and type in the address of your bitcoin (rush) wallet. Your Maidsafecoin balance will be displayed. As long as you have the keys to your wallet you will be just fine.

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Maybe because MaidSafe and a fair share of its users are located in what’s known as “the rest of the world”?

I said you can send MAID to any bitcoin address that you fully control, meaning you have the private key tho that address. That is true. Having the private key of an address, you can always sweep it from anyplace else using an Omni-compatible client.
But not knowing (and not having checked) that you don’t actually have full control over your MasterXchange address, you just went ahead.

The same misunderstanding happened to others (also, in detail described on this forum, see MAID sent to wrong address?).

If you are not 100% sure what you’re reading or doing, whether with fiat or cryptocurrencies, it’s wise to send a small amount first, check the other side of the pipe (with MAID, it takes about 15-20 mins) and then send the rest. Is that not common sense?

You had 20+ hours to plan the escape, but you unnecessarily rushed it without due precautions and dilligence. Now it’s our fault. How convenient.

I recommend you to read the link above and see if the good people at MasterXchange can help you.


So I just transferred 10 MAID to my Omniwallet, my first time ever using Omniwallet. It is showing up correctly. …It should be safe to transfer the rest of it to that wallet, right? I’m guessing we’re trusting Omniwallet now, instead of Poloniex.

One of the issues I see that the average person gets frustrated about is: there isn’t a really short answer, reassuring confidence (with something they’ve never used before), regarding the one action people are wanting the most right now: getting the heck out of Poloniex.

I’ve been too lazy and unsure up to this very point to get out of Polo, regardless of all the helpful posts—that tend to be on the rather extensive side, instead of concise. Would not the following razor-sharp instructions be correct and immediate? (Below.)

How to get the hell out of Poloniex (while you’re waiting for your computer’s frustratingly untrustworthy Bitcoin Core to finish synchronizing for 12 godforsaken weeks before finally having a nice private key of your own):

  1. Go to https://www.omniwallet.org
  2. Click “Create Wallet” at the top. Complete the brief form.
  • You will be taken to your account.
  1. COPY/SAVE YOUR “WALLET ID”, the one with hyphens in it.
  • You will need this to sign in again!!!
  • I was not told that I even needed this ID, and now I think my 10 MAID are forever lost, lol.
  • (Imagine if I went ahead and sent the rest of my MAID without knowing that I need my freaking WALLET ID, that I never saw an indication for saying that I need it. Maybe they send this ID to you via e-mail if you provide an e-mail address during registration?)
  1. While signed in, within the Overview section, click the blue “Bitcoin” link to get your Omniwallet’s BTC address. This will be the one used to withdraw MAID from Poloniex to it.
  2. So yeah… just go to Poloniex, and withdraw your MAID to that address in step 8.

(Don’t use this guide as truth, just as a guidance; someone might reply to it with additional knowledge.)


I’ve been a part of this for for some time and had my own frustrations at some point with storing maidsafecoins but was not under a 24h window like you so I had enough time to get comfortable with the whole process.

Although there are forum posts regarding this now active issue, I understand the basic users who simply bought from Poloniex without investing time on this forum to find out sooner what they need.
There were some discussions at some point about a FAQ section, too hard now to look for it ( I’m on my phone) , and I would like to suggest we include an idiot proof guide on how to store and transfer maidsafecoins until they’ll be exchanged for safecoins. @nicklambert @happybeing what do you guys think?

I think I broadly agree with you and all the concerns, but as both the essential work of the Devs and the issue itself have firm time constraints on them, then, not an immediate concern for Devs - its a concern for us. We can publicise the above post or similar - maybe on ploniex or a forum or something?
What I mean is it’s not the Devs responsibilty (will take too long to debate…) I think we have to be mindful that this is the Wild West and we are part of the new frontier - safety of crypto currency or proxy tokens is in no way guaranteed by anybody. Maidsafe offered tokens for sale, which they have offered to redeem for Safecoin if you are still left holding them using whatever tools are available, however dodgy. :smiley:
There are bad guys out there and no sheriffs, you have to take your chances and adapt to the Environment you are faced with. We need to support each other.

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I agree and want to say I did not imply it is devs’ responsability in any way. I quoted Nick in there because I remember seeing him talking in one of the threads about the FAQ sections.

This being said, I’ll wait for @happybeing’s reponse concerning the update of that section.
I am kind of bad at doing tutorials and english is not my native language but I can do it myself this weekend if no one else wants to


I know you didn;t imply it, sorry if it sounded that way, my intention was to just contextualise things generally for all in crypto inc those having problems with Poloniex and stress our practical options are limited in that regard. Sorry if my stating certain things came over in any way as implying you were asserting the opposite. :smiley:

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No worries man I know you didn’t :smiley:…for some things the proper way to say it should be face to face only. On the interwebz you risk to make it sound too aggressive and gets interpreted badly then hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have been working on an faq section for the media wiki with the help of @hillbicks, @polpolrene and others. We will be asking everyone to view all the contents this week as par of a separate thread. As you will see this faq only contains a guide for buying, not storing and transfering. I will look out this info and add it to the media wiki faqs. Thanks for the heads up.


I think this thread represents a pretty good basis for the answer: Access to Maidsafe Coins. Thanks to @19eddyjohn75!


@sfcoin no need to wait for me! If you can help folk, or want to write something if a guide, just do it. I’m not around today BTW, so have not been aware of this discussion.

@janitor I’m concerned that your manner is unfriendly, and giving people who ask for help the impression this is not a friendly or helpful place.

Your response to @bluecat clearly came across to him as unfriendly, and I can see why. This is just the latest instance of this, so I want you to improve how you respond to posts. I want you to make an effort on because I know from your many posts you have lots of useful knowledge and experience, but believe that your manner undermines the value of your posts to the community.

Please be aware you can come across as unfriendly, more critical than helpful.

@bluecat I hope you’ll find a way to retrieve your 1000 coins. It isn’t clear to me that they are lost, so don’t give up yet.

I read in a trollbox today that the Poloniex profile info is not required for crypto withdraws, only fiat. I don’t know if this is true, but worth checking. If anyone finds info on this please post a link here! I don’t have time to research atm.


I read in a trollbox today that the Poloniex profile info is not required for crypto withdraws, only fiat. I don’t know if this is true, but worth checking. If anyone finds info on this please post a link here! I don’t have time to research atm.

In response for this request I’m gonna quote an email I got from Poloniex this morning:

"Greetings from Poloniex!

We’re happy to announce that Margin Trading with Peer-to-Peer Lending is now available at Poloniex! You can now borrow funds from lending users to open long and short positions with 2.5x leverage on our XMR, DASH, XPR and LTC Margin Trading platform. You can also loan funds in the same selected markets in 1 day intervals at up to 5% interest.

In addition, we are requiring that all users provide us with their first name, last name, and country of origin by May 20th, 2015. This information is mandatory for all users and all withdrawals. Go to your Profile page to get started.

The Poloniex Team"

Note: Highlights is mine.


And the mods in the troll box did make it clear that the withdrawals are any coin.

Polonix do not do fiat so that would have been a meaningless measure if ID was only required for fiat withdrawal.

The Dollar value limits for each level of identification is equivalent USD for the currency (coin) being withdrawn in a day.


Thanks for checking and correcting guys.

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What are our alternatives? Is Shapeshift, or NXT’s exchange, a possibility? This is a Maidsafecoin sale as far as I’m concerned, but I won’t use Poloniex.