Poloniex maidsafe


I usually use shapeshift to buy maidsafecoins but their limit is really low so have to go with poloniex this time
On the poloniex website when i traded BTC for maid do i just go in maidsafecoins withdrawal form and click on withdraw and enter my BTC paper wallet address to receive the maidsafecoins ? Are the omni protocol and BTC fee already included?
I know it sounds obvious but really dont want to make a mistake cuz im buying a large amount :slightly_smiling:



Withdrawing from poloniex incurs a fee by poloniex to do the withdraw. So just the desired MAID and 10 MAID for fee.

There will not be enough BTC in the paper wallet if you only withdraw MAID

Its like .00035 BTC needed to spend MAID from omniwallet

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yeah sorry for the confusion

I have my maidsafecoins stored on a BTC address ( paper wallet). I want to buy more from poloniex and want to know if i can withdraw maidsafecoins from poloniex to this BTC address.

Yes, when i send a transaction with omni there are lots of different fees involved, i wanted to know if fees are already included when i withdraw maidsafe from poloniex to my BTC address?

thanks guys

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thank u …

10 MAID is the Poloniex Fee ; but I haven’t ever transferred to a BTC address . I keep mine there . Why don’t you ask a mod - they attend to such questions ?

Does this mean that withdrawing the Maidsafe I have in a bitcoin paper wallet to omiwallet or to safecoins after launch will be a problem of not enough fees? Will I have to send BTC to my paper wallet in order to withdraw MAID?

Yes, I transfer maid from poloniex to my paper wallets quite often. The 10 MAID fee (currently around $.20) is the only fee I am charged each time I do it. I have noticed that each transaction Poloniex does puts a tiny bit of BTC in my paper wallet as well. I usually wait until I have around $100 in maid before I do the transfers just to keep the fees from adding up too much and I don’t want to store too much on any exchange because we should have learned our lesson from MtGox.

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Because of the way the Omni protocol works, you will need a very small amount of BTC in that address to transfer them out. This will be the case when we burn our temporary coins and convert them to true safecoins. The transaction fees are minimal.