Poloniex Delisting MAID - December 30 - MUST Withdraw by January 30

Im optimistic.

Someone is buying all of that up.

Think about it.

Someone is betting on this.

And of course there are us HODLERS.


I know I would but now there is one less option for a place to trade. Bittrex international is almost literally MAIDs last hope.


Trezor does https://trezor.io/coins/ with OMNI trezor wallet https://www.omnitrezor.com/


They have not contacted us. I am going to send them a mail to see if I can get any further info.

[Edit I am not sure what support we can provide as it is an omni asset, but let’s see.]


Not surprising at all.
All the best.


I am starting to believe this has all been planned carefully:

  1. Delist on Poliniex
  2. Dump takes place
  3. Some people accumulate heavily
  4. After 30 December pump on Bittrex

Involved parties? Poloniex, Bittrex and some whales.


And don’t forget Bruce Wayne, The Penguin and the Joker. :grinning:
Everytime Whales are mentioned I just know in my head that it is Bruce Wayne. :upside_down_face:


This is happen when you concentrate 100% on tech, not on price, this is just result, this was bad idea to loan maid, It will not fund development…

isn’t it 30th of Januanry ?


Yes 30th Jan for withdrawals.

@piluso It is end of trading on 30th December


Poloniex has the biggest MAID volume, so no fun they’re removing the token. But there are still other options as well to buy/sell tokens. I’ve always used Polo or Bittrex if I wanted to trade, and Bittrex is still there.

Anyone used HitBTC?


@dirvine in case you missed this approach made in Reddit recently. Anyone know anything about Exolix?

Hello, safenetwork,

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Bought all my coins on HitBTC last 3 years. Never had a problem, yeah it is slow sometimes if you want to withdraw, but the coins always arrived.
If I look at Poloniex with all their changing policies last years, then I think Polo harmed MAID much more than HitBTC ever did.


This is very risky. If you remember, the last new exchange stole MAID from the company…


Just a note, Binance is not open to US residents.


U.S. customer here. I just opened a new Poloniex account “anonymously” on my mobile device using my mobile phone, a Mexico VPN address, and a protonmail email address that I use only discreetly. I am now verified at Level 1. I am funding this new account using bitcoin that I earned from mining them on my own rigs and spending them out of a sterile bitcoin wallet. BTC transfer is awaiting confirmation. I will update this post once my new and cheaply purchased MAID are resting safely in a cold storage wallet.


Do you know about their daly trade volume? I think we should look at exchanges with as high daily trade volume as possible but also considering entry cost and trustworthiness. MAID is not a new coin that just need any place to trade, we have had places where MAID was traded but no one traded on that exchange so the trade volume was almost zero, which didn’t help us. Please mention something about daily volume/entry cost and trustworthiness when suggesting exchanges.


agree. hitbtc been nothing but good to me… used it since years ago.

FWIW, I’ve had quite bad experiences on HitBTC, and know others have as well.

Despite Bittrex’s faults, I think it’s a far superior exchange. It also happens to be one of only 10 exchanges that doesn’t fake its volume (like HitBTC and most others). So the liquidity for MAID and most other coins is likely better on Bittrex than HitBTC, despite what CMC reports.

Edit: This is also worth a look IMO:

I realize there are articles like this all the time, but I think there’s more “meat on the bone” to these claims than usual.

Also, to be clear: I don’t have connections to either exchange. Just don’t want to see people taking unnecessary risks …

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Where even is the URL to MAID on Bittrex?