Poloniex Delisting MAID - December 30 - MUST Withdraw by January 30

Or sending to a Trezor is an option now too


Thanks so much for the replies, will start looking at the suggestions


The low volume traded on BitShares at the moment does not matter…that could change anytime…cryptocurrency prices have been in a deep bear market for almost 2 years. The crucial issue is having a reliable exchange, (that has never been hacked in the 5 years it’s been operating) available to MAIDSAFE holders and traders. Everyone controls their private keys. It does not matter what other token volumes are doing, the main concern is that anyone who wants to buy/sell MAIDSAFE tokens will know where to go and their will be transparent market prices to be seen.

Your simple statement is like saying we are going to do nothing because we have a “chicken or egg” problem. Of all the problems Maidsafe has, low trade volume is the easiest to solve…because you don’t even have to do any marketing or advertising…because investors/traders/hodlers will have incentive to seek out the venue themselves…it’s the digital age, word gets around.

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I’ll let the 0 likes of your suggestion speak for itself

This thread of tweets about Polo and Sun/Tron is so worth a read.
They are pissing people off left and right it seems.



After writing #blockchain2035 #TRON was the most blatant con job we saw after diving into 100s of projects.

Allegedly a “blatant con job” owning a pretty big exchange what on earth could possibly go wrong.


Hey @bones,

if you can check the HowTo for errors, i’ll be grateful!


Just woke pall, I’ll do it shortly.
Edit. Looking through it now.


What’s with the snarky attitude? I’m only making reasonable suggestions…You on the other hand provide no credible arguments or discussion…

This is why I do not like to participate on this forum…sometimes it is just a complete waste

I suppose MAIDSAFE traders would all be better off trading the old fashioned way…by going to city financial centers around the world and barking at each other on the streets to complete trades…

I will not reply anymore…

Everyone can just rely on your wisdom…

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It does matter. Maidsafe have limited time and money and need to focus on what works today can’t take the risk to focus on something “that could change at any time”.

On Bitshares in general I have no opinion have not read about it. If it is not very popular today right now than it is a waste of precious time and resources.


On Bittrex is KYC required, right?

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Tried the verification process on bittrex, but as it seems not makeable…
It has to be done manually and takes a week. :disappointed_relieved:

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Please stay away from HitBTC. That’s a HIT exchange with a capital S, massive fees and often indefinitely frozen wallets/withdrawals.


I have just spent a good couple of minutes trying to find references of that, not because I wanted to prove you wrong but because I too had a feeling someone had mentioned it somewhere. Well, nothing found. I probably confused Poloniex with Bittrex or the Bittrex Internalional May 2019 RE-listing tweet resonated in my head. If you could elaborate or admit this was mere shamanism, that would be most welcome :wink:

As far as CMC goes, the most liquidity is on HitBTC. But then again, that is not where you would want to trade at.

Edit: Comments in this thread lead me to read some more about HitBTC’s fake volume suspicions and having done that, HitBTC is really showing major red flags:

December 17, 2019: HitBTC an Insolvent Scam Operation, Claims Cybercrime Investigator
January 31, 2019: Is this real? Fake Volumes on Hitbtc and Binance

And here some Crypto Exchange Ranks by Hacken.io.


Someone knows an alternative to changelly, because the fees are extremely high. I want to buy with credit card, because money transactions from bank to bank take too long in christmas time.

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If you want to buy Maid now, you can still use Polo now right? No KYC atm

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Thats right, yes!

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There is more than few payment processors where you can buy Bitcoins with cash by payment card. The fee is always about 3.5%. People from US have limited options, but Crypto_com, Binance US, Coinbase…

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Do we know what happened to remaining coins on poloniex after the end of January? Do they get automatically liquidated to BTC and credited to owner or does poloniex do something else with them? Presumably, this has happened with other coins in the past?