Poloniex Delisting MAID - December 30 - MUST Withdraw by January 30

Maybe @nevel is right. I still think there could be opportunities by having an erc20. I know not everyone worries about price but I do and Maidsafe should be as well seeing as it is part of their runway. An Omni DEX could be promising. We need real Safecoin ASAP imo though.


Factom are also being delisted. They have been launched a long time ago with their native token. So even when Maidsafe is launched it will potentially be an issue unless the hype train really does take off. But even then the big exchanges may require a hefty fee to get on there.

Here is the Factom discussion on Reddit:

From Paul Snow:

"continue to work with exchanges on listings. For example, we did get listed today on Bilaxy. This is hard work for truly decentralized projects like Factom, because many exchanges want very high fees or large percentages of all tokens. (something truly decentralized projects can’t easily do).

But we have been and continue to work on liquidity."

Are Factom making a mistake to not pay the fee to get on Binace? Is it hurting them and risking the project or is it the correct move and will pay off in the end?


Once were launched, hopefully maidsafe can code an exchange.


We should have built a community exchange or brokerage a long time ago.
I tried to get this forum to do something via the forum itself. It really is not difficult. You use a third party to escrow and you base everything around reviews and levels of membership. I got my first ever Maid from a well known person on this very forum. We just transacted and then repeated the process many more times. In fact I got my first crypto and bitcoin that way just via forums and eBay at the time. Lol.
We are a tight community and I’m sure we can help one another without going to overcomplicated measures. Local bitcoin literally uses this very basic business model.
I also buy gold and silver on the side and there is a well known sub reddit that operates the same way, one buyer, one seller and one third party for escrow it really is that simple and easy.
Just my two cents.


If we are talking only centralised exchanges, then I fully agree. If talking decentralised exchanges then hardware wallet always in our custody is probably as good as we can get.

This post sums it up, basically it is better if people can make informed decisions and evaluate the risk for themselves. The alternative I suggested at the end of the same post, more thoughts here.

Sure, and they also have a list of negative news stories which is unique in the exchange world so should be considered before signing up. I know of no other exchange that has gone to court to protect the identity of what appears to be some extremely sophisticated criminals (look up how they did it for each hack behind the news stories). Criminals that have stolen significant bags of cryptocurrency and cashed out on Bittrex. Repeatedly. Over long time periods. I have not the time or desire to do the analysis as I could not seriously consider it as an option, but searching on this exchange appears to turn up a larger than normal amount of individually hacked accounts with large balances (as apposed to one huge hack like the Bitfinex disaster, also even more highly “trusted” on that list you posted but if I recall not one of your favourites).

On the heels of Poloniex withdrawing from the US market and now delisting I think a worthwhile solution would be for the MAIDSAFE devs, or a trusted third party or investor to implement and RUN THEIR OWN GATEWAY on the decentralized BitShares network. They would then control their own destiny until launch or a RELIABLE centralized exchange materializes. It is relatively easy to operate gateway it could be a central VENUE for buyers/sellers to trade and hodlers to hold. Each individual or company controls their account’s Private Keys and the MAIDSAFE team certainly has the assets to start up the gateway until MAID traders and owners can open accounts and make deposits. I think this would be good for anyone who is a supporter and believer in the MAIDSAFE network and at the very least everyone would have a marketplace to view the day-to-day price movement which we had with Poloniex.

I really hope DrIrvine or whomever is responsible takes a serious look at this option…The BitShares network is fast…block times are on average less than 3 seconds and withdrawals and deposits to OMNI wallet would be very easy via a MAIDSAFE gateway that everyone could trust with very inexpensive trading fees…(less than a penny or two)…Bittrex is a centralized exchange with low volumes and would have a monopoly position on MAID trading. As I’ve said before MAID was traded on the BitShares DEX before but the Gateway operator removed MAID because of lack of trading volume. (Ironically all the volume was on Poloniex). Note: The gateway operator can set their own transaction fee to cover their operations cost and profit margin. (The network fee on the other hand is currently about a penny (less than US$ 0.01 per trade.)

Show me one decentralised exchange with daily trade volume similar to HitBTC, for coins similar to MAID. We have an decentralised exchange “Open ledger dex” and that exchange has ZERO daily trade volume.

I to want pink flying unicorns dancing on rainbows but it dosen’t matter as the world is the way it is and no matter how much I want pink flying unicorns they do not exist.

Your posts are empty words, probably because you favor decentralised exchanges, I see empty words all over the world with hidden personal agendas and I’am very tired of them.
Be honest that you want to favor decentralised exchanges and be open with your agenda.

I’am sorry for being mad, but I have seen and experienced to much bullshit lately in my life.

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Replied over here since it was cross posted.

Its green. We have full scale recovery :grin:


Thumbs down…nobody uses BitShares


Hi all. Panicking a bit here as have maidsafe on poloniex. Did this a few years ago but work colleague helped get it set up and I have no idea what to do to move it. Does anyone have an idiots guide?


Hi @pj67,

I will write such a guide throughout the day. Please come back later and there will be such a solution :dragon_face:


One suggestion @Dimitar.
Maybe make that guide with 2 options, the lazy one, and the secure one.
Lazy one is quite simple ( send to omniwallet or btc address making sure it’s the right type of address to be easily imported)
Safer one being generating offline address with the tools that are out there or a wallet, and allowing true cold storage with address that has nvr been exposed to the online world.

Edit: glad to give you a hand if you wish, just drop me a message if you need me.


Either send to offline paper wallet or send to another exchange, think bittrex is the most reliable one left now.


Or sending to a Trezor is an option now too


Thanks so much for the replies, will start looking at the suggestions


The low volume traded on BitShares at the moment does not matter…that could change anytime…cryptocurrency prices have been in a deep bear market for almost 2 years. The crucial issue is having a reliable exchange, (that has never been hacked in the 5 years it’s been operating) available to MAIDSAFE holders and traders. Everyone controls their private keys. It does not matter what other token volumes are doing, the main concern is that anyone who wants to buy/sell MAIDSAFE tokens will know where to go and their will be transparent market prices to be seen.

Your simple statement is like saying we are going to do nothing because we have a “chicken or egg” problem. Of all the problems Maidsafe has, low trade volume is the easiest to solve…because you don’t even have to do any marketing or advertising…because investors/traders/hodlers will have incentive to seek out the venue themselves…it’s the digital age, word gets around.

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I’ll let the 0 likes of your suggestion speak for itself

This thread of tweets about Polo and Sun/Tron is so worth a read.
They are pissing people off left and right it seems.


After writing #blockchain2035 #TRON was the most blatant con job we saw after diving into 100s of projects.

Allegedly a “blatant con job” owning a pretty big exchange what on earth could possibly go wrong.


Hey @bones,

if you can check the HowTo for errors, i’ll be grateful!