PoloMAID release

For the last 6-7 months I have been programming in python. Today I release the first app that I have ever created.

Real-time prices of Maidsafecoin and Bitcoin, with Poloniex APi.
Real-time 24 hour volume of maidsafecoin and Bitcoin, on the Poloniex platform.
Real-time global market cap of maidsafecoin and Bitcoin.
Alarm for maidsafecoin, in USDC, When price cross from low to high.

Where to download and how to start:
Download from, onedrive link, https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agi6t5j7iI8Sa9ziwrrgVz69y1I?e=QwjWVt
Download polomaid_207.rar, from onedrive
extract all files in polomaid_207.rar, to one folder
open/run, polomaid_207.exe

(Sometimes it takes a few minutes or longer for the file to open if your antivirus is checking the file, but after some time (a week or so) the antivirus learns that there is no problem and the app will start up instant. I have sent the file to Kaspersky labs so hopefully it will also get added that way to their database. But I don’t know how other antivirus program will react. If anyone has a clue on how to get the file scanned quicker then write a reply. If you use another antivirus program and there is a possibility to send the file for them to check and add to their database, it would be much appreciated.

Check for latest version in this topic and on:

Linux and Mac?
Right now it is released only on windows but I will create .dmg and so on as soon as possible, did just have to get something out there in the wild, after 6+ month’s development. :slight_smile:

Hash of polomaid_206.exe:
sha256 dedda6f17289259ea6fcda2faca6770656f9f195e62e2aa4999e806f2bdc9d25

Hash of polomaid_207.exe:
sha256 7a77a9dc212823cb78222ec6f8571c586f9cbe6b8d137f7bcb6d3f61aac5c890

Possible wanted future features.
Alarm, add function to set alarm for when price cross from high to low.
Alarm for Bitcoin
Include a list of altcoin’s to choose from.
Dark mode
24 hour, week, month price high/low, and so on.
Historical price graphs
Weighted prices from different exchanges
Show if market and coin is active

Why I made this app and why I choose tkinter as GUI for my python app:
In a short comment I wanted to make something challenging, something that could in some way benefit the SAFE-network, give exposure and also maybe inspire others to develop their first app or project for the SAFE-network. For anyone who will try and develop their first app my recommendation is to not set a date to when it should be completed, create it piece by piece and it will be ready when it’s ready.

I first got a thought that I would like to make an app where you could trade maidsafecoin on Poloniex by setting an artificial MAID/USDC price ± 0.5%, continues replace orders when $ price shifts ± 0.5%, calculated from MAID/BTC and BTD/USDC to MAID/USDC. I did some research and found a poloniex api wrapper for python but decided that it would be too complicated and time consuming for a first app to develop. I wanted to make something challenging and I also like automation, so then I thought of making this Poloniex MAID market viewer app. I did not know how licenses works for software or how complicated it would be to make for example an .exe file with different GUI’s, so I decided to go with tkinter GUI to make it as simple as possible to create something that would work and be easy to download and install.
The following libs have been used to create this app.


Future improvements and fixes
Update UI design
Make some global variables local
New/update logo

How the functions work:
the Prices of Maidsafecoin and Bitcoin updates about every 3 seconds, Volume and market cap about every 30-60 seconds.
MAID/BTC and BTC/USDC are shown from the API while MAID/USDC is calculated by (MAID/BTC * BTC/USDC).
Volume on poloniex uses API
Market cap is calculated (current MAID supply * MAID/USDC price), Bitcoin market cap is from API. Prices are taken from the current “SELL” price on Poloniex, therefore it might be alittle difference between “buy” price, the “spread” and “SELL” price. The labels for the prices will change between “green”, “red” and “grey”, to show latest price direction, the numbers shown might not change because the prices shown uses different rounding decimals than the raw numbers from Poloniex, example (10076.40677469), a raw BTC number from the API.

Known problems:
If the user input, in alarm, is blank or not a number it will corrupt the alarm function.
Stop alarm only works if it is not already playing the alarm sound.
Any antivirus software might make the app to take several minutes to start. For me it sometimes
takes several minutes for the app to start but it seems like after a few weeks the antivirus software learns that this app is not a problem and then it starts immediately.

In the future:
In the future I hope to make more cool apps for and on the acctual SAFE-network, to continue the support of the best project in the world, the SAFE-network.


Great stuff @tobbetj, shared here:


Thanks, Mark, appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Working for me @tobbetj - very nice! Can you tell me how the alarm works?


Nice to hear that it is working. :slightly_smiling_face: If you type for example 0.16 in the user input field and press “set alarm” then the label will switch from red “deactive” to green “active”. When price cross $ 0.16 it will play the alarm sound for 30 seconds and then it will go to the deactive state again.
If you want to try the alarm, you can set the price lower than current market price and the alarm will play the sound directly.


Ah yes - just noticed I had the volume turned to zero on my speakers. Doh!


Haha, nice. (20chara…)

Did the app start instant for you? I would love to hear how the app works with different antivirus softwares as Kaspersky can make it take some time to start up before it learns that it is ok.

Yes it started instantly. I use Malwarebytes AV.

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When SAFE is trading for $10+ ea. This will be a useful resource. Thanks. :grinning:

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Thanks, thought I had to at least make it available a few weeks before we reach above $1 again. :wink: When we reach $10 and above it would be nice to have a few other features like dollar trading and such.

But I hope it can inspire other developers already today. Because if we all aspire to make SAFE the next internet it is not enough to change only the layers that the internet is built on, but also to replace/change the content layers. Where each content layer is very important regardless if it is SAFE-drive or a site for cat pictures it is all very important and adds up, to meet the needs for all the different segments of people on todays internet that will join the future SAFE.


PoloMAID 2.0.7

The following have been updated:

API error handling has been added. If API gives a connection error, a message will prompt and when user clicks ok the app will close and exit.

Polomaid 2.0.6 was added to Kaspersky database and the app would start immediately. But with the new 2.0.7 version the app might again take longer to start for some time, if you use Kaspersky antivirus.

I hope to create a .dmg for Mac soon. Linux seems like a little more headache to make an executable for, so that might be more far away in time.



Update PoloMAID 3.0.6, new features, mail alert and added alarm function

Download and extract from Microsoft Onedrive:

SHA256 - EF8D1766E3BE3E23A2880CC2565FA235297A6BBD5E4ADF72A5C28E60A6B31369

New features:

  • Added alarm function for when price cross high to low.
  • Shows date/time for when last alarm was reached.
  • Mail alert function for use with a custom gmail address.

Other changes:

  • Updated UI design
  • USDC is changed to USD
  • Error handling for API and mail alert.

Important!!! To use the mail alert function, create a new separate gmail address, a custom address for this app. Warning, never use your regular gmail address in the “send from:” field.

With the new custom mail address created for this app you need to change security settings for that gmail address, to allow to send from untrusted/unsafe apps, otherwise the gmail API won’t work. The mail function is coded to use smtplib.SMTP_SSL.

“Though the S/MIME method is considered more secure as it encrypts even before the SMTP transfer happens, it is avoided by most of the websites and businesses due to the complexity it adds. Therefore, TLS & SSL are considered the most optimal.”

Possible problems:

This app might not work with older version of Windows because of, Visual C++ run-time .dlls. PoloMAID have only been tested so far with the latest version of windows 10.

Libs used:
smtplib, ssl

In december I was about to release a new update when Poloniex delisted MAID, so the API’s stopped working.

In this update the API have changed from Poloniex to Bittrex. I wanted to add a few features to PoloMAID but I also wanted to move on and code something different. So this might be the last update with new features.