Poll: When will beta be released?

When will beta be released?

  • 2018 Q3
  • 2018 Q4
  • 2019 Q1
  • 2019 Q2
  • 2019 Q3
  • 2019 Q4
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • When my wife already left me because my MAID coins are worthless

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just to be sure we’re on the same page - beta is with test-safecoin/farming but not final safecoin - still a temporary network - right …?

I assumed beta was all essential elements in place with ability to update and republish. Full Safecoin. I assume that the farming algo’s and network balancing will take a bit and we’re not quite there yet. I think Q3 2019 is conservative, I think. I hope as well :grin:

oh - hmhmmm - okay so already a pretty mature network =)

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Right ready for public use with potential bugs. Maybe still test Safecoin but still good enough to trust likely

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Problem with time is that it goes so damn fast. I feel for the devs.


Often that is release candidate stage (still beta) and test safecoin would just become real safecoin.

Earlier/first Beta does not always mean feature complete but often is

My understanding is that testsafecoin will be introduced in beta stage, but not necessarily first beta, but could very well be too. Just trying to indicate that we cannot look to beta 1 as testsafecoin release as a certainty,

I am sure that some will be asking timescales at the devcon, but will likely be disappointed with the answer that they get here too. Its not your blockchain project thats all been done before and just adding a feature, this project is not crypto and is building enough components to build a secure internet.


I am not confident that that the tech is even possible to be honest. We need vaults running at home and whenever the safeNet crashes fixes that get it up and running again. Only once we see that testing start my confidence that this is going to come to a working net will start to rise. I am not happy about the present situation since I am sure that once we start testing vaults at home there is going to be many, many bugs and and a long road to walk to release. It is really when vaults start to test at home that this project really is started and the hard work begins.

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Basically calling for the planned alpha 4 network testing.

Neo beat me to it, I did go to write a detailed and educated response to your post but I see your concerns re vaults have been addressed pretty genuinely a few months ago.

People are just too quick to snap post without getting what my little friend below understands :slight_smile:



hmm no real group consensus.
From the latest dev update beta might be released somewhat earlier :roll_eyes:

The poll app should be able to represent that 48% believe that the launch will take place some time in 2019.

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Not actual “launch”. Just beta 1.

It’s noteworthy so many people picked the “When my wife already left me because all my MAID coins are worthless” option.

Does that imply many folks hope that SAFE not only brings them a fortune, but also another shot at a full-fledged bachelor life? :sunglasses: