Poll: When will be there first stable maid network?

When will be there first stable maid network? (Please first vote and then show results…)

  • under year
  • 1-2 year
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7+

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Hmm, it already happened iirc. I dont see that option.
If you mean testnet anyway.


Hard to define but mean ± network that will not go offline


Either in the next year or never would be my guess.

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The testnet im referring to was only taken offline as we werent live and someone spammed it with data ( iirc ).

If were live this is much less likely as there would be incentive to add more nodes / storage and earn more coin.

That was a good while ago now, so much has changed, but we will get there again.


I find it interesting that 2 people (so far) voted 7+ years … why are they here if they have so little confidence?

Makes me think some are here to cause trouble and not support the project. But who would waste their own time doing that? – Unless of course they have some financial incentive to do that …


I do not vote for 7 years but I woudnt take “personally” maybe u are right but people are in general too optimistic in planning so if someone take 7+ its ok. +Its not clearly defined what means stable


You did not specified with which features and what you mean by stable.
I hope that everyone knows about GIGO principle.

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I would ask myself, why would anyone be here if they are not willing to wait another 7+ years? I don’t see any other project trying to achieve what Safe is fighting for and I personally will be here even in 7 years with no stable network :dragon:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I agree with you @Dimitar but I don’t think the result of the poll is an accurate representation of sentiment.

When I saw the poll this morning my initial reaction was to vote 7 years.
Not because that is what I believe but out of frustration. (Not with the project or team but frustration with the poll and similar threads of late)

I decided not to vote instead as voting in that manner would give me 5 seconds of satisfaction and only contribute in a negative manner and of course that would be childish.


Damn those people with moral integrity who show up the rest of us weak characters addicted to instant gratification.


:joy: I try but do not always succeed!


I just try - ask anyone who knows me, I’m very trying…


Does a stable community network that has been running non-stop from December 2018 to August 2019 count ?

It was partly decentralized: adding nodes and browsing data were not controlled but adding data was limited by an invitation system (SNT circular economy was not implemented at that time).

It stopped not because of a bug but because there were not enough nodes at the end (only 7 nodes).


I also dident cast a vote for pretty much the same reasons you articulated much better than I ever could have :slight_smile:


Good to know, thanks

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I´ve been following this project for about 10 years. If I were to expect that there will take several more years before there is a working stable network, how do you determine my confidence level for the project based on that expectation?


I use my Intuition. There’s no other way to attempt such a complex estimation I believe.

Of course intuition can be wrong and often is. But it doesn’t improve if you don’t use it and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve made better and better “guesses” using it.

I also can’t assess if my guess is right or wrong (and so work to improve my intuition) if I don’t publicly state my guess and receive feedback.

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Been invested in the project since 2016-ish. Since Poloniex and other exchanges went anti-US, and most exchanges began dropping MAID I became locked in with the token and team. I am keeping my expectations lower now, but if what the SN promises comes true and becomes world-changing, I’ll be there to celebrate with you all from my undisclosed hobbit-hole somewhere in the US. :sunglasses: