POLL: The Gathering Storm - Alpha 3 posters

Hello friends :slight_smile:

We all can smell in the air The Gathering Storm - Alpha 3, so once again it’s time to print posters. I need your help to choose the best option.

I made several versions. Please vote for the two options you like most. :slight_smile: I will print the two gathered most votes:

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Poster 3:

Poster 4:

Poster 5:

Poster 6:

  • Poster 1
  • Poster 2
  • Poster 3
  • Poster 4
  • Poster 5
  • Poster 6

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No reason to limit it to 1 poster :slight_smile:

Print lots of the different ones and use them around town.

They’re all eye-catching and great!

Onwards towards alpha 3!


Thanks for the advice Will,
the reason is that the cost of printing a larger number of one poster is cheaper …:wink:


Should it read “…era of the…”

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No big problem here, these posters are just for the vote. I will print versions in Bulgarian :slight_smile:


to be honest not a fan of those posters, seems like the bitcoin logo is the star here… i suggest making the bitcoin logo smaller , safenet logo should be bigger and more in the center , maybe good idea to switch the places (bitcoin and safenet)- so maybe move the bitcoin logo to the bottom instead.


Not important, but which model of car in poster 6?

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Thank you @lubinew, I like your version more! After the poll is finished I will send you the text in Bulgarian and the files.

I also do not like to advertise bitcoin, but unfortunately people know it… When I stick up the calendars-posters they are noticeably fewer people coming to the site, compared to the posters with fish where the bitcoin name is more visible. So for Alpha 3 I’ve decided to use this as much as possible…

I think that it is moskvich :slight_smile:


The Moskvich IZh-412-028 (low door handles) to be more precise. I didn’t know that brand.


It is very popular in Eastern Europe… Many people still drive them :smiley:


Thank you @lubinew, all files are in the archive. The text in Bulgarian is in Alpha3-Bulgarian-a4-214mm-301mm.svg



“Huge” is overused these days and lacks clarity; “decentralized” and “autonomous” are trending in that direction too, imo. What about:

the next step -
truly benevolent
crypto ecosystem
inside a brand new internet!

Hi @Dimitar love seeing all the work you do.

Just wanted to spitball something past you.

Everywhere you turn these days with Crypto it’s ‘a better bitcoin’ or ‘what bitcoin should have been’. It’s a name and logo people in and around the industry are familiar with so I understand using it to grab someone’s attention but I don’t think I’m alone in ‘changing the station’ when I hear these messages.

I was just thinking even if your targeting a developer crowd (which I know isn’t your sole focus) human psychology is a funny thing when it comes to marketing. You can spend all the money in the world on a marketing campaign but when it comes to online advertising (posters too) what really ko’s the competition?

Sure these are different products but think as an example over the last 20-25 years what were the most successful images that stick in your mind cinematically? Not that just got you into a cinema or buying a DVD (VHS for us oldies) but were both instantly recognisable and also sat in your memory for years after…


So what do you think about taking more of a subliminal route whilst at the same time separating us from Bitcoin eg substitute the sun in the below image for the community logo, no other words required?


Maybe it’s a stupid idea, but it’s kinda like your idea with the leaflet, see the logo there and most don’t act, but find a simple image representing the network that’ll stick in people’s mind so that when people hear about the network in 5 years time people’s brains will kick in and have that ‘hang on a sec’ moment.

Just an idea for thought, please tear up and dispose of if not helpful :slight_smile:


@lubinew they are all very good! It remains to wait for the winner of the poll :slight_smile:

Just to remind you that the English version is just for the vote… The text in Bulgarian will be “Welcome to the Era of decentralized autonomous internet!”

The posters are for the general public. They do not follow the Crypto world, so for them it is not something worn out…

For most of mankind Crypto is still a scam… And especially in Bulgaria, news is constantly talking about frauds like the Bulgarian OneCoin: US District Attorney Charges OneCoin Founders With ‘Billions’ in Alleged Fraud

Still, people know Bitcoin has reached 20000$ and that now his price is 4000$. So the idea of using the name of Bitcoin in the posters is to tell you a few things when you see them:

  • See here, you’ve heard of it before
  • See here, it’s something new
  • See here, it’s money

I like the idea and I hope we find out a simple image representing the network…

Poster 1 and poster 6 seem to be the favorites, @lubinew can you make your magic for them in Bulgarian? :slight_smile:

It is not something urgent of course :slight_smile: We probably have another two months before alpha 3…

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Does it means that Alpha 3 is coming soon?

Hehe coming soon can be few more years with Maidsafe :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see :wink:

Hi @lubinew will you be able to copy them from here?

Bitcoin беше само началото
(Bitcoin was just the beginning)
Добре дошли
в Ерата на
децентрализирания автономен интернет!
(Welcome In the Era of decentralized autonomous internet!)
Тествайте Алфа 3
(Test Alpha 3)

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