Poll: Should MaidSafe implement PtP (Pay the Producer)?


And of course the diminishing returns of the persons power usage to get what is likely to be a lot less in rewards after caching.

But as you say its all been said above. I somehow think that people think this PtP is going to get them 100’s or 1000’s of coins a day. NOPE, its so small that it requires a world wide effort to gain anything like that.

Lets say framing rate is high at 10^-10 (can be as low as 10^-18) of a coin per get and PtP is 10^-11 of a coin per get that is not from a cache.

So then the person has to do like 100,000,000,000 GETs to get a full coin. How much electricity will that cost the person. And the argument of a bot net, then how much will the botnet cost to rent (real cost)?

It requires a scale that exceeds a person’s resources (or normal botnets) to gain any real amount, then the cost of it all will be so much more.


But then isn’t that an argument against the futility of the whole enterprise? How many artists can claim to generate a billion views on their piece? Or even a million?


It was never about giving an artist an income. But to offset costs, change the system and encourage content to be upload to SAFE. Content that people want to read/see/access. Lets face it if you get something back for uploading good content then you are more likely to upload that content that people want.

If a vid is 100 chunks then to get a million GETs on the content only requires 10,000 views.


Let’s not add to this thread with stuff that has already been discussed to death. There’s a search function for those brave enough to dig into them, but the thread is already very long because discussion can’t resolve these questions in most people’s minds. Hence the resolve to test ideas more practically.