Poll on political identification


I’m interested to know where the center of gravity with the safenetforum community is. It’s anonymous.

Mark your political identification from 1(progressive) to 5(conservative)

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What’s up today?

The results aren’t anonymous if we tell you :wink:


I didn’t click the show voter option. I’m interested in the average, not the individuals. That’s somewhat easy to gather. Plus, if you’re worried about editing the post to see the voters, you’ll see the edit. I’ll probably close the poll and delete it shortly anyway. I’m just interested in getting a thermometer reading of the audience.


So where do anarchists tick the box? :slight_smile:







“where and when has a pure expression of anarchist networking ever existed?” The answer is cryptocurrency.

Wrong frame, and conclusion.


I love idealistic technocrats! So inspiring! Much hope!


Here lies the truth.




Between NYPD and Assange, this is what the Clinton email scandal is all about. The Clinton Foundation is a mafia of pay-to-play, blackmail, and all sorts of trafficking birthed right out of the early CIA and Iran Contra. Of course she wanted to “drop a bomb” on the embassy. Don’t underestimate the smoke and mirrors, the cloak and dagger, the extent that the public might really have no idea what is going on…particularly if the media is rendered culpable by it all…


Collapsing of politics along one dimension is far too reductive. Two is a lot less.
I’m basically a Libertarian who doesn’t mind tax, and some redistribution of wealth on the basis of wealth, that much.


Basically trying to classify humans on any political scale of any dimensions is not valid. Most humans do not follow political principles and as you are (in your political traits) a bit of this and a bit of that people in general are a bit of this and a bit of that and a lot of non-political


sure, but it’s valid as much as it can be used to predict what the individual in question actually thinks. If I say where I am on the political compass you can do a fair job of guessing what I think about stuff. With the left/right thing though, even if you can get people to agree what left/right means, there’s a bucket of ideas on either side with some amount of complete bollocks in it.


No that the point humans in general are more than political. We do a lot of non-political things. Many don’t even follow political principles at all. Some a little and those who have an interest in politics seems to follow a lot of political principles and think others can be categorised in a similar fashion.

Its a way political minded people try to classify others in to groups they can understand. It is also why political people cannot understand why people react wrongly.


I’ll rephrase then: “If I say where I am on the political compass you can do a fair job of guessing what I think about politics”.


Sounds better

I think politics stink - where does that put me on the political scale :joy:


I have no idea, but agree with the sentiment.


Politics to me boils down to varying aspects of power/control. Control of people according to how they identify. What policies are made are all how to control or distribute power. Even helping the poor is from a position of power where the poor are being controlled with the help. As someone said if you want to truly help the poor then you need to understand their position and share the help as one of their equal and not as “I am superior and here is handout” which is one of power & control over them.

And many of us don’t believe in controlling others but being equals with everyone which is why these people are not political but human.