Poll: Migrate DevForum to Main Forum (CLOSED)


50% of 20 voters outweigh 74% of 90 voters?

I think my Math is broken…


first time i hear that the same vote was going on over at the Dev Forum but you’re correct.
Could argue though: 90 voters over here, only 20 in the dev forum.
I don’t really have a strong opinion on the result either way. But I don’t think this was the correct way to conduct the poll. It seems very asymmetric. I would guess that most ppl in the Dev forum also have an account for the main forum. Whereas that’s probably not so much the case the other way around. Also, in the Dev-Forum ppl were made aware that the same vote is going on in the main forum, but not vice-versa.

Not meaning to create a fuss here, just sayin’. Something to consider for future polls :wink:

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It’s the Dev’s forum, so it’s up to them.

Nothing to stop you applying for an account on the Dev forum. I’m hardly a core (or even peripheral) dev but I have an account on there cos I want/need answers to aspects of what I am testing.

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if that’s the case then why even ask over here?

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TBH I wondered that myself…


Hi @BambooGarden / @Southside,

I thought I had outlined my thinking about asking on this developer area of the main forum on my post above. I guess that wasn’t clear enough so I’ll apologise for not getting the wording right.

Something to consider for future polls


@upstate - I think the thing is that the migration would affect the active developer community more than the non-dev/casual observer that may have voted on this forum. This confusion has all been caused by me posting here initially in what I thought was going to be a more inclusive way of doing it which was the wrong call.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.



Any ETA for consolidating the DevForum here on its own topic/not promoted to front page? I do not have an account over there (too lazy/time limited despite considering myself “dev” proficient), but stopped by anyway and read through the XOR-URLs RFC which struck me as being quite lacking in varied discussion expected of such a process. Developers may hate distractions, but also require fleshed out RFC discussion.


Its not happening at this time