[POLL] Do you Want us Listed on a Big Centralized Exchange Now?

Opinions vary. It seems useful to know where we stand as a community on this. That’s why I have thrown this together.

The poll will close by the end of February, and we’ll know the results by then. I’m really curious how we see it! So…

Do you Want us Listed on a Big Centralized Exchange Now?
  • Yes
  • No

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I will stand with David’s stance that for now 100% of their efforts should go to engineering the network so technically my answer was no(Although the question is want, I want everything all the time, network now and 10+ big exchange listings for maid and its future token,I want the general population to know and understand how important this project could be if delivered, but priorities must be made). Anyone not technical working directly on the network backbones or UI certainly can be pursuing avenues for a big exchange listing and facilitating that with @Sotros25 though if they have anyone that meets that criteria. Unsure if David himself has that bandwidth or I believe they have another person running the administrative side of things if she had the time to drive it.


I remember how when they hacked KuCoin last year (the 7th largest exchange in the world), some of the tokens they stole released new versions of their tokens to deal with the hack.

Noai sent me the new version of their token at their own expense. This will happen again with 100% certainty. In the coming years, one of the largest exchanges will be hacked. The question is not whether, but when.

The crypto is invented to deal with middlemen, but people just can’t wait to give their money to middlemen. The only right way is decentralization and the decentralized exchanges.

Following the ~$150million hack on KuCoin Exchange, NOIA Network is issuing a 1:1 [NOIA] via a new smart contract, with automatic distribution of new tokens to all [NOIA] holders

We (and the entire crypto world) have a very bad history with the exchanges:

  • MasterXchange - closed, how much MAID remained there? Unknown (do you remember that we paid them 150 MAID withdraw fee?)
  • Cryptopia - hacked, how much MAID was stolen there? Unknown (I lost “only” a few thousand…)
  • Bitker - stole MAID from the MaidSafe company, how much? around 250 000 MAID
  • Poloniex - delist MAID, how much MAID remained there? Over 10 000 000 MAID! (and let’s not forget before that they changed the fees from 10 MAID to 80 MAID!)
  • Chainrift - closed, how much MAID remained there? Unknown
  • Open Ledger DEX - closed, how much MAID remained there? Unknown
  • Altilly - exit scam, how much MAID was stolen there? Unknown

I’m not sure how getting listed on an exchange would take away effort from development. Are you suggesting they should stop doing anything altogether but develop the network because of that strange unrealistic 100% effort argument?

This is a crypto token associated affair. What ideally needs to be done is take care of both ends.

Means to the exchange end are a different topic. The community could probably absorb at least some of the effort associated with the exchange listing. What I want to know now is what we want as a community. Then we can hopefully go from there.


I totally agree that focus should be on launching a product, it will eventually help with getting listed on other exchanges.

However, being on just 1 reliable exchange is dangerous in my opinion. Especially for a project as big as MAID, there are a ton of big forces out there that will benefit from us failing.

I can’t look behind the scenes at Maidsafe, they probably feel the same way and have more information at their disposal than we do. I trust David’s stance.


My understanding is this is what they do. 100% engineering. They only have 1 other employee that does not dev. I like it like that until we know this network can work 100% rather than hype something that could fail.


The framing of the question is perhaps a little off TBH, as it’s hard to say no to it on face value.

The more important part of the question should be “at what cost?”

Because some large exchanges are asking for listing fees that are approaching seven figures. And some involve a not insignificant amount of human resource. Where do these resources come from, and how do we weigh ROI? Are there better ways to allocate those resources etc?


Exchange listing is not necessarily hyping something that could fail. It’s more of… enabling exchange. Plus what is the failure definition here? And why crypto token in the first place if this is the argument?

All of that has been beaten to death. That’s why I cut it to simple yes, no. I tend to think the community members are rational enough to know it won’t EDIT: wouldn’t be free of charge.

I’m content for now. I’m at my target number of coins, stored on a hard wallet. I look at it in the same way as the biotech stock I have; I don’t care about the daily fluctuations based on speculative news. The only news I concern myself with is the big news, clinical trial results in biotech, and safenet release here.

Sure, it’s nice to see your portfolio swell, but until the real news comes out, it’s just theoretical gains anyway. Of course there is something to be said about the ability to gain momentum up to and through the release, but it’ll hopefully only be the difference between rich and super rich for me. :wink:

I do get the frustration for people who want to buy more, though. It was a pain in the ass trying to accumulated the amount I wanted. And there are other benefits, too, but overall I’m not sweating it.



The strict yes/no options were not the original intention. I began with “yes”, “more yes, but”, “depending on the cost” and a similar spectrum of “no’s”, but then it hit me such a poll would tell us nothing, and especially nothing worth discussion.

I am not sure this helps, it could be do we want launch now? I don’t think anyone would refuse a listing if it landed. I cannot see any reason to not want listed.


Yup. My coins are not going anywhere till full launch.

… and part of that is the exchanges that have delisted us, and the scam-exchanges.
The team have done well to get listed, but it’s the exchanges that have caused us problems…
… so, let just concentrate on getting the product out first.

A hard NO, for me. Especially if it distracts the dev team who are close to releasing a full test net.

All in good time.

People that want to complain - go knock on poloniex door.

You’re not sure this helps. Good. That means you’re not sure it doesn’t help. Just let it unfold.

I am pretty sure it does not help :wink: It’s a way of English to say I am not sure it helps. It means this is actually unhelpful.


The bottom line is, you get know how the voters feel about this topic.

How is it not helpful?

Insight is not helpful?

Why not let it unfold? Why even intervene like this?

I would expect close to 100% would want this, along with world peace :wink:


And you would be wrong, as you can tell reading just a couple of replies.

The difference between world peace and exchange listing is, one can be accomplished if there is a will. Now let’s find out if it should be attempted.

Voted NO. Because it would mean distraction from developement work.


I abstain from voting because as people have already said, its a slam dunk question until people think about the costs to the project.

At this time the early test nets displaying the features of the Safe Network is of utmost importance and that is what the team should be working on and I gather wants to work on. That means the heavy lifting has to be done by the community and a lot of effort is already being done. Yes I realise some of the final time consuming work has to be done by MaidSafe themselves.

Now ERC20 MAID is well down the track of being implemented and running. This in itself will allow plenty of exposure on exchanges.

And then once we can demonstrate the network operating in the wild, then any exchange listing efforts change due to that one fact. It could be (note: could be) a case where 6 months are needed right now (from first approach to listing) to be listed on a big exchange but after a working network is being demonstrated then exchanges like bittrex internation and some others may be open to rapid listings.

So unfortunately this question cannot be expressed as a yes/no and the reasons for that have been discussed extensively. And people will consider these factors making it difficult to gain the true response to your question that you are after. In other words it has become a loaded question that I for one am reluctant to answer.

I hope you understand my views.