Poll: Do you want ERC20 MAID?

Well, it’s just as likely that it could be a year plus before Safecoin. The argument to not convert to ERC20 because ”launch is so close” has been in play for years now. However, even the core devs acknowledge that they can neither confirm nor deny how close launch will be. As such, I don’t think closeness to launch should be a factor around ERC20 conversion (unless we suddenly get timelines, which is doubtful).

That being said, questions like who is going to finance, code and build a secure MAID:ERC20 conversion process seem to present a more make or break issue. This is especially true as the MaidSafe team is unlikely to have the bandwidth for this. I’m not saying I think that ERC20 is a bad idea, just that what is the feasibility of doing so at this time? Even if the community were to step in, would people be willing to trust a conversion process that wasn’t built and/or sanctioned by MaidSafe?


Good question. Easy answer - No.


Excellent reasoning which I support.


If we don’t have Beta within 12 months I’ll eat Sascha’s hat.


I think you nailed it in one.

The other key point is that actual SAFE coin will be unlike any other coin that has been integrated on an exchange before and we can not rely on exchanges to ‘implement’ it. SAFE Team needs to get a list of needs/shalls/specs from the exchanges (they may already have one) and have a reference implementation and tutorial ready to go, with enough functionality in the CLI (and ideally FFI) to allow cron jobs / interfacing for monitoring.


If we don’t have Beta within 12 months, I’ll eat @Sascha 's chickens.

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For a moment I almost pressed like, but man, these are his children … don’t eat them :frowning:


I wasn’t going to eat them all


Others have tried to eat my chickens before. Their skins hang around my walls now. Nobody’s ever tried to eat my hat, though. Now that would be a bold endeavor! If nothing else, it’s not a very clean hat…


I rescind my offer.


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I had been understanding less of the updates than usual these past few weeks, and after reading this felt things click a little and went on a nice binge of reading definitions and looking up explanatory videos and such. I have a much better feel now for what’s going on at the moment (AT2 seems especially amazing, from what I can tell) thanks @bridge for a nice little summary here and kicking me into action!