Poll: Do you want ERC20 MAID?

Welcoming and thriving with Failure is just the next step toward success. Those who are afraid of failure, and are frightened do so, fail because they never even begin.

If this project never had moments of failure, I would be suspicious that nothing bold and new was being attempted! Go Maidsafe, 2020!


I’m also very encouraged by those who acknowledge negatives and yet don’t dwell on them. This project is all the stronger for its robust approach to problem solving.

Off now to drink gin and eat too much turkey!

Looking forward to a great 2020 :+1:


The main basis for the claim comes down to evidence of network effects available to quality projects sporting an ERC-20 token. I gave an overview of some of these positive feedback loop benefits in this post above but you could almost take your pick of which angle to measure this effect by. If you have a speculative decentralised project and wish to connect with investors and developers that are interested in that kind of tech, then ERC-20 appears to be where it is at, by far(*). For example I suggested checking out the number of traditional exchanges/liquidity currently available to similar calibre projects to Safe. However thanks to supporting infrastructure many do not have to bother with an exchange and just use one of the plentiful in-wallet ERC-20 swap services. Easy and straight forward investment and if I am a developer, what is this Safecoin(ERC-20) project anyway I might check it out.

(*) “By far” Statement based on market liquidity chart linked in above post, and number of actively developed projects using ERC-20 also linked above. Which means more supporting infrastructure such as decentralised liquidity provision services and wallets for many niche markets, which attracts more investors and projects, etc etc.

So to turn this around: With so much evidence of network effects in play in the ERC-20 ecosystem, why are you discounting it here? If we want developers and investors interested in speculative decentralised projects then how is entering into the main market for both those interest groups not going to benefit Safe Network development?


Keep it omni make it hard as possible to acquire, cheaper the better for the potential bull run in 5 years.

Sounds indeed like you took the best advice you could. I take back what I posited about evidence of mismanagement. I wish you well and hope these expensive advisors give you back the fees or even cover the difference.

Do look up Adrian Markey (this is a recommendation to all in the UK) - just an individual tax advisor but he studied the 2014 rules and came up with an understanding of them which matched with the later 2018 refinement, his clients weren’t caught short. As I said, I know many people were. There was a lot of accidental optimism around the ‘some activity might be gambling and therefore tax free’. HMRC used this as a kind of ‘have your cake and eat it clause’ which was unfair and and ultimately likely to be withdrawn if tested by precedent in court. 2018 has clarified this particular clause as well as brought in additional rules around the innovations in the token market. Surprisingly they also seem to have the position that they won’t be retroactively investigating the very early crypto windfall cases though they are keeping their options open. Sounds like you got shafted by bad advice from both advisors and HMRC - there really should be some allowance or compensation offered.

Happy new year to all at MaidSafe and in the group.


Another example of the innovation driven by network effects going on in ERC20 markets. Decentralised submission and vetting of project tokens which are then listed by other exchanges, principally Deversifi (around $USD 200 million daily volume over last week)

Anyone can start curation process if Safecoin(ERC-20) becomes a reality.

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was there any movement on moving to ERC20? I really feel it should be done. I follow the Factom project a lot and their lack of liquidity is really harming the project. They have had a rough time recently, but with so many FCT’s getting mined and not being on many decent exchanges is really making it difficult for them.

Even if SAFE is getting a full launch in 12 months time, I believe it will help the project and price. Specially with DEX’s becoming more popular and a potential bull market starting.

Factom are looking at some kind of ERC20 wrapper for their token to make it easier to be traded. I’m not sure what that would entail, but it sounds like it’s worth a try.


I have high hopes for OmniDex. We won’t need ERC20 whit Bitcoin DEX…


when is that getting launched?

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who cares about trading a fake token, lets wait until real SAFE coins are out and ready to be traded.


Do i understand correct that there is coming a new UI to https://www.omniwallet.org/?

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yes, we expect it this week or soon… Until then, watch the new episode of Rick and Morty, it will fill the void in your life from the lack of MAID DEX :frowning:


Who? Cultural philistine here, I don’t really do popular culture unless it is loud and has at least 3 chords.

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It is very good sci-fi/comedy animation. If you like Back to the Future you will like it. If I remember correctly @andyypants is a fan too and can confirm :face_with_monocle:

From Rick and Morty I learned that Hemingway committed suicide with a shotgun and that this could be used as a sexual joke :see_no_evil: Very nihilistic and with a black humor show…


Might be prepared to make an exception for that. Should I look for it on YoutUbe? Lazy I know - just going out into big bad world to get potting compost for my freshly germinated coriander seedlings.


Does this open outside Bulgaria?


Not here in the UK

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Try this VPN by choosing Bulgaria. I tested it and it works for me :dragon:

Honestly, OmniDex is too slow to use and too expensive. It use Bitcoin network for put ordering. I recommend you not to expect too much about it.

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