Poll: Do you want ERC20 MAID?

Hey friends,

let’s see what the community wants. :dragon_face:

Do you want ERC20 MAID?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Do not know

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I’m in the any way the wind blows camp on this one. As long as the team feels comfortable, I’ll support it.


I think it also depends on how much work it is, because we all don’t want fleming to be delayed.


Fleming won’t mean real safecoin. Real safecoin is years away 2+ maybe 5+.


I don’t know enough about ERC20 to have an opinion.
There wasn’t reason to do it previously.

This occasion my reaction is that I’m open to the idea and wonder that if it clearly allows access to a new base of support, then it might be worth considering… but again I know nothing about ERC20; so, I’ve no sense of how active those markets are… if there is clear evidence of turnover equivalent to BTC markets, then it’s worth looking more closely at.


This is rubbish. Safecoin is already there, so before you make a claim about ‘real Safecoin’ you need to define what you mean.

Some are jumping in with FUD as expected. Anyone making claims like this is deliberately attacking the project, and we can use this opportunity to notice who are the ‘sleepers’ activating to attack it.

Fleming is virtually the final network now - only missing updates (which are still not present in bitcoin or other networks which handle updates non-autonomously).

So Fleming is a fully functional, but not yet 100% autonomous network. If that’s not ‘real Safecoin’ I don’t know what is.


And restart capability. Very important IMO.


and testing


Ummmm what do you think Fleming includes? We all know its a testing release


So we need to play with it for months before it becomes “real”

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So if I send you a computer to test,you would say the computer is not real?


sigh. its not going to solve the liquidity problem and allow maidsafe to raise funds is it?

At this stage the only issue is Maidsafe being funded to launch, so I’ll take my lead from David. He will be evaluating the options and I expect there are several ways to deal with this.

The price crash is unfortunate, but not a killer given the oversubscription. I think liquidity is the main issue and it isn’t clear whether or not any of the other exchanges will be able to pick this up.

There’s no need for Maidsafe to make decisions based on a few hours of excitement. This is the time to review options and watch how things play out.


It’s not just about functionality. We need to make sure the network is large enough to withstand attacks. It can take years …

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Back peddling from 2+ or 5+ years to months. Now that’s reasonable, so why post something ten times that of not to attack the project? You’ve been around here a long time, so are well aware of what you are doing IMO.

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I think even live SAFECoin will take time to be trusted. Would I transfer all my MAID to SAFECoin on day 1? Absolutely not. For all its strengths and weaknesses, blockchain is proven tech, where as it will take time for SAFECoin to prove itself.

I think we have to be realistic about both SAFECoin and MAID coexisting for quite some time after release. Do I think this is a bad thing? Not at all, but it does mean supporting the token longer than we may think.

I do agree that the SAFECoin code is there though and I had fun transferring them a few months back. We need to be careful not to mix code complete with a network that can reliably store millions of dollars worth though.


Well Fleming is yet to land, and are you suggesting it will be perfect and have no bugs? software takes time.

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I don’t think he’s attacking the project right now. I also think it will take years before a real safecoin. Storj are on the 3rd version of their network…

There is no way to know what the problems will be with the first version of the network.


Setting up straw mentioned won’t get you out of this hole.

You made a statement that you have immediately backpeddled on by a factor of ten. Then you start setting up straw men. We all know Fleming will have bugs and require testing etc, non of that gets you clean.

You continue to reveal your intention is to harm the project.

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Sorry @Dimitar but I disagree. He’s trying to push the idea that the network code will not be complete for years - he’s not talking about the technology gaining use and confidence. Your points are valid wrt to that, but they don’t justify his statement which is IMO designed to create fear without any justification.

He’s still not made the argument you are making, you made it for him. We learn more by watching how he responds to being challenged, and his first reaction was to back down. That’s a confirmation to me. Maybe you have other information about him, but the best information is the public face IMO.