Polish Hacker stole all my Maidsafecoins on hitBTC :(

It began with the delisting of bittrex and the enforcement to move my coins to a site where i didnt want to register.
Now its happen and i lost all the Maidsafecoins. Damn.

Be careful.

Fishing site
https:// hitbtc dot eu dot com/ (MOD edit to remove link to scam site)


Sorry to hear that.

I just want to make the obvious point perhaps for any others, that you do not need to hold coins in an exchange… and should not hold them on any exchange. The only time value should be trusted with those exchanges, is when you are changing them or where you are happy to lose them in the event of third party action. Any BTC coldwallet can hold MAID.

Perhaps misread that you felt some need to move from bittrex to a new provider… but still, that might be easy mistake to make for those less familiar with options.

Also perhaps not ideal to link out to what you suggest is fishing site… deaden that link perhaps by removing the https:// at the front of the url, save others being tempted.


Be careful guys! When I have to use a new exchange I look for the right link on Coinmarketcap and I look for their official account on Twitter. Comparing the links provided on both sites can reduce the likelihood of being scammed.


Always try to enter the website through google so you don’t misspell when typing the url of the exchange

Oh no, I recommend bookmarking your preferred trading sites to avoid problems like these, spoofers are everywhere unfortunately.

Did you have your 2fa enabled? I think you need to enter 2fa before withdrawing, if I’m not misremembering.

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Daaamm, scammers are everywhere and seem to be getting better and better at it. we have to be extra vigilant about our funds.

Holy! Sorry for your loss friend, I think it’s worse when they use alternative latin symbols with like dots below rather than above, makes them sooo hard to distinguish.

Be saufe out there, lots of people looking to do evil unfortunately

That’s rough, scammers are always a pita no matter how much was taken from you. You do say that you didn’t want to register there, maybe you, inadvertedly, despised it enough that you couldn’t care to check the URL?

That origins of the hacker in this case seems irrelevant and it could indeed be polarizing to emphasize that. On a positive note: CD Project, developers of the games The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, are from Poland :wink:


Pls, theres no need for stereotyping and nastiness.
I know some lovely polish peoples.
There are dishonest ppl I every part of the world, or so I would gladly wager.


It was sarcasm. but nevermind, better to delete it. And maybe close this thread.


I think the thread is a warning to others tbh.
Sorry for misinterpreting you, but the sarcasm was not clear to me.
Enjoy your day.


Bro… Always triple check where you’re logging on, phishing sites are unfortunately all too common.

A shame you learned the hard way