Podcast on SAFE app development as it currently stands



I haven’t had the ability lately to dig in on Alpha 2 to the degree I should, so I’m putting it out to you guys to help on this.

I’ve seen some neat stuff coming forward on the app front and want to do a number of interviews with devs on their apps and the current dev experience, and the perceived prospects for such on the SAFE Network.

So I want to hear from you guys what apps you’ve dug the most so I don’t miss any angles.

If you are someone developing and are willing to talk about it a bit, please respond here or PM me.

Everybody else, point fingers!!


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Fingers pointed!


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@bochaco @seneca @we_advance and I’d be happy to give updates on alpha 2 developing, SAFE-FS / Malaysia etc. It’s been the smoothest thus far, great stuff. If it would be of interest


Great John, I hope you get lots of help with this because I’ll be your first customer! :grinning: