POC applications for identity management and RDF data



Did you figure it out?

I open safe://pat.ter

then click the the figure beside the address bar and click the id you wish to use. (it will turn BOLD)

the id me box on the left turns blue, then you can click it.

now you should be able to comment.


This is great @joshuef @bochaco @hunterlester :clap::clap::clap:. Really good work. I’m www.donkey and donkey1 by the way. Starting to regret it as there aren’t as many family friendly donkey jokes out there as I’d hoped so I may move on to other beasts of burden.


@Savage Thats exactly how I envisioned it working but no, I can’t seem to get it to happen, even restarting Peruse, waiting for WebID’s to load, or revoking/allowing WebID manager doesn’t work. Not sure why at all. I’ll keep at it though. See here

As you can see WebID is authorized but is still saying to authorize.


@joshuef Does this help at all??


HA! Problem solved! So somehow Peruse Browser wasn’t Authorized so I reinstalled it and Allowed Authorization and now everything is working as expected!!! Figured it was just something silly on my end. Let my fumbling’s be a lesson to you all!!! :joy:


I actually struggled to get the WebID Manager app authorised correctly. It had already been authorised, but complained that it wasn’t every time I tried to hit “submit” at the bottom of the creation form. I fixed it (I think) by turning on the “auto-reauthorise apps” setting in the authenticator. This may have been the same problem you had, so it’s probably a real bug.


Really cool.
I think this is a nice opportunity to create a video about it as well. Just like the ‘Release of the code’ video by @dugcampbell
This video could show (non-technical people) how powerful the Safe Network is in creating decentralized apps like a social network. Give it some buzz words and here you go :slightly_smiling_face:


This is really very cool ! The peruse POC worked out of the box for me , congrats :slight_smile:

I can see a future not so far where many apps or safe sites make easy use of window.currentWebId, so they can access whatever field in here that the user granted rights for, thus enabling tailored content without intrusion, privacy concerns or server related risks. This is huge.


I can’t get it to work yet, but I’ve seen some walls and it looks really nice. This is what SAFE needs. A more easy way to use IDs and profiles and a way to connect to each others public walls. Will try again later :+1:


@polpolrene Where do you think you’re having an issue? I hate stating the obvious because I know we all can navigate this stuff with competence but I somehow skipped the auth request of Peruse and it never popped up again until I reinstalled it. So ultimately you’ll need Peruse, WebID Manager, and Patter all authorized.

Also note to not make your webid with something you’ve created in Web Hosting Mabager as they aren’t cross compatible at this point, I believe. So it just has to be something not already in use and what would be a public service.


A few profiles created so far:

And look who’s here


I think you’re correct about it possibly being a bug. I wasn’t having an issue until now. I’ll try signing out and then signing back in and go from there.

Can’t get Peruse to reauthenticate :confounded: Maybe it would be useful to have a HUB like webpage on Alpha 2 network where all apps can be listed to choose from to authenticate. Kind of like an App Store. That way you could easily find apps and revoke or reauth. That or Peruse will have to keep requesting reauth when it sees its not? I could see there being issues with that possibly…

Did another full reinstall to reauth the Peruse browser and I’m back at it again.


I was just thinking that, as you know, many people are now trapped into using a specific social application because their data is not really owned by them, and the data cannot be exported and/or used by any other app they want for any reasons, and all their friends would also need to move to these other apps.

This is not only difficult but also doesn’t really make sense, if your taste is really different from the rest, why would you want/expect your friends to move to use another app which is not the style they may prefer but it’s definitely your style and what you like?

So let’s say now I prefer another social app that I just heard about? I’m talking about Not-Patter, have you heard of it? it’s really cool! you should try it! …hhmmmm but my profile, wall, and posts are in Patter…will we need to move our data to Not-Patter app? I just like the background colour of this other app…dunno… safe://notpatter


Want to test but I got this…

IPC error: StringError(Utf8(“invalid utf-8: corrupt contents”))

having the same issues again.


Yes, that seems to be one of the first things we’ll need to look at, for now just restart the browser.


awesome. had to do it to fully grasp how stupid the old system is.


@bochaco I did it, swapped apps, and my data moved without doing anything. :smile:


Your data basically stays put and you grant apps consent to use it, rather than the other way around. Sounds simple but it takes a bit of hands on for the idea and its repercussions to really sink in. At least it did with me.


Its yet another one of those mind blown experiences. This is pretty damn cool.
I cant believe how quickly it feels right once you have done it.
To me it feels like patter or notpatter are simply skins to access the data made available on the network, that’s how I see it anyway.
over simplified but easy to understand.


It’s the Apps as views thing …