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The owner of the domain has decided to redirect the previous URL of this forum ( to the Safe Exchange Forum. The Safe Exchange Forum is not related to either the SAFE Network or the SAFE Network Forum.

From now on the only URL for this forum will be

Please update your bookmarks and use this URL when directing others to this forum.


The word PLANK comes to mind.


@dallyshalla Daniel, is this for real? I thought you had more integrity than this. If true, it shows that you cannot be trusted.


I’ve just tried it… unfortunately it seems to be true.


Yes, unfortunately it is I am afraid and nobody seems to know why all these emotional outbursts are occurring. Seems strange to dis a project then try and use it’s name (whose ownership is already disputed by a previous business partner) to feed users to a different place. Very sad actually, but then again it’s life and probably best he just says “thanks for all the fish” and finds his own center and project to work on.


@dallyshalla Is this why you always had concern over the SAFEnetwork address ownerships way back last year? Was this always your intent? This is just plain sad and I think you should speak up a bit here to explain yourself, as we all know the world is a small place that is getting smaller and smaller. Your reputation is something to protect no?


Too funny! :sweat_smile:

I wish I was the kind of person who would feel bad for him when SAFE eventually takes over the world. He’ll be left with a permanent and very ugly stain on his reputation for how his involvement with the biggest project in the history of data has played out. Not an easy thing for a young lad to have to carry around with him for the rest of his career.

Sadly, I’m really not that nice a person. I’ll secretly be smirking and nodding affirmation to myself in a satisfied way when he realises how big a mistake he’s made.

/rolls eyes at the childishness of it all


There are so many great things happening in this community and around this project that I really can’t be mad at anyone at the moment (please don’t challenge that. It feels so good!). Our forum is doing great and we’re close to 3000 members. We have news about expansion to Asia, API’s popping up almost every week and Alpha 2 is just around the corner. Next to that the funding is close to succeeding and we’ll soon have students from Glasgow jumping in to develop Apps. That’s a lot of great news!

On-topic: our forum is doing great :grinning::upside_down::nerd::grinning:


What are accepted solutions?

@Krekc note that the has still a couple of bad links FAQ and Farming is discussed quite frequently on our forum


I haven’t heard about any progress happening on SAFEx. @dallyshalla seems to be stonewalling people and now he pulls this stunt? Yeah not good business practice. For a financial exchange project I’d expect more transparency in order to build trust and not this kind of stunt pulled on partners in good faith. Maybe we should get more exchanges built and more competition going to put some pressure on for good behavior.

I just added this to my /etc/hosts file:

All the old links work for me now :wink:

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Thanks David, I don’t have the rights to edit these pages. I asked Francis to do so, but it’s night where he is I think. He’ll probably take care of it in the morning.

wow what a pathetic move…