Please test my site

I’m a total newbie who just downloaded SAFE to give it a whirl. So it works for me. Does this mean that if you visit http://test.tastytoad.safenet/ that it works for you? Do I need to keep my launcher and demo app open in order for the link to work for you?

What about if you share your link with me? Can I view your SAFE hosted websites? I’d like to click somebody’s link if they have it available for me to see. Is the only requirement that I have the automatic configuration script configured as described in the proxy set up page?

It seems pretty cool.


Welcome to the forum. if your site was uploaded to the alpha 1 network, yes people can visit it. No need to keep your Launcher and Demp App open. That’s the great thing with SAFE, it even works when you are offline. The chunks that form your website are hosted by several nodes.

No longer, you can use the SAFE Browser to browse these websites.


This was how I understood it, but I have it working in my browser, but then I closed both the launcher and the demo app and hit refresh and got an error.

ahh, I see. Yes, to browse these websites you need to have a connected Launcher. That’s the entrance to the SAFE network.

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Thanks, are there any cool websites that any body has hosted that I can visit myself? Or even some uncool websites will do. I want to see it in action.


I don’t know if this one is still active and/or updated. But a lot of sites here.

this one has a lot of urls starting with safe:// as well. SAFE Sites on Test 12

None of them seemed to work for me.

It all depends to which network you connect. The TEST 12 network is down. It only ran for 24H and after that the devs knew enough. So a lot lot of people uploaded a website to TEST 12 just to test the network.

Alpha 1 is the official network by Maidsafe. So I linked you to that topic. You will find a lot of websites on this forum, maybe for TEST 5 or TEST 6 as well. All these networks are down. I know it’s a bit confusing, but if you check the Alpha 1 topic you might find a lot of active sites. My boring safe://polpolrene is probably active there as well :relieved:.

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How do I check what network I am connected to? I downloaded the launcher and the demo app off the main page late last night so I presume it is alpha. However, I get the same with your safe://polpolrene link. When I type it in to the address bar all I get is a google search result.

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Yes, it is confusing. Here’s the idea:

  • You have got the official launcher and demo_app that connect you to Alpha 1.
  • You try to surf these sites using your common browser and a proxy.

Stop using your common browser and the proxy but just install this one and you should be good:

This browser is dedicated to SAFE. When your Launcher is active this browser will get you on the Alpha 1 network. I hope that helps :+1:


Hello ! I just visited your webpage, it works for me on the alpha network. You do not need your launcher running to keep the page public. Once your page is published , it will remain on the network as long as the network is alive. On the other hand, you do need a running launcher if you want to access it again, or another page.

You could try : safe://dirvine/ using the safe browser, this is a safe page of David Irvine who created the whole thing.


I’m not getting any success with the SAFE browser. screenshot attached.

I’m also having no joy in loading my tastytoad test site in the safe browser. I disabled the proxy script. The pac file. Is that right when I’m using the SAFE browser?

No need to touch any proxy script while using the SAFE browser. I just re-installed everything from Alpha 1 from the Maidsafe website. I also installed the SAFE Browser.

I started the launcher and didn’t log in. Next I started the SAFE Browser and was able to surf websites on Alpha 1. It should be that easy.

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maybe you could first check that you are using the correct launcher version. The one that connects to the alpha network is version 0.8.0 .

Then you should be ok.
You need to grant the browser permissions when requested on the launcher, too.

Then, sometimes things are still a bit rough as this is all in constant development. You may have more luck if you try to restart the whole thing.

My side what you are trying to do goes quite smooth, like polpolrene describes.

well this works, but I’m yet to click on any other link that loads successfully.

There was an issue with Alpha and I lost access to yvette… and devs acknowledged that droplets reboot em masse had caused some disruption.

Refreshed list was put then to safe://dir.yvette2

See also another list at … detail of that in thread at SAFEdir - Visual Directory of all ALPHA Sites (live)


Yes, it works… and that is on Alpha1; so, to view it yourself, you just need to get Beaker Browser v0.4.0 from

Note however the address is safe://test.tastytoad



How do you make your own safe website?