***PLEASE REPORT*** Twitter spammers pretending to be MaidSafe using name and logo


Spammers are at it again - https://twitter.com/maryroach32

I already reported it on Twitter but wanted it reported here also.

EDIT: Just reported this one also - https://twitter.com/conguiciavo5625


Ditto … (20)


It is the wrong kind of attention, but… it seems that these guys have applied some sort of measure and think it is fruitful to target SAFENet / maidsafe.

Appart from being a pain… in a very obscure way, a compliment.


Looks like the first one got blocked, so that’s good.


Another one is back at it - https://twitter.com/helenhardy22


Scotcoin had a similar problem. Police Scotland cybercrime unit have been most helpful.

@dirvine @nicklambert or appropriate Maidsafe staffer is welcome to DM me for specific contact details


Thanks Willie. Twitter have been pretty responsive in removing the accounts although it does seem like a very monotonous game of whack-a-mole.


THe cybercrime unit are keen to look at similar cases as they suspect the same bad guys may be behind it. I’m sure they would be keen to get the relevant twitter usernames and IP addresses to build a case.


Makes sense. Please send me their details and we’ll follow up. Cheers!


Three more to report.


Thanks, I have reported these ones. Its been a busy day for them today


I see those same accounts on this Official tweet by Maidsafe:

Should be able to delete those tweets


Whack-a-mole time!



@DominicClancy1 https://twitter.com/DominicClancy1
@stephan51570571 https://twitter.com/stephan51570571


Done [20 characters]


And another - https://twitter.com/XYRzeUnyVMIMcr5


Thanks. Have been reported


That’s innovative! 10k eth instead of 5k!


There are them again…