"Plans for Increased Internet Surveillance Revealed in Leaked Documents"

“Plans for Increased Internet Surveillance Revealed in Leaked Documents”

Here are a couple of bits from the article:

The U.K. government plans to ask for powers allowing intelligence agencies to spy on people in real-time by introducing encryption ‘back doors’ to communications firms, according to leaked documents.


Under the proposals, all communications companies—including internet providers, messaging apps and phone networks—would be forced to provide police with real-time access to a person’s web browsing with one day’s notice.

“These powers could be directed at companies like WhatsApp to limit their encryption… but if the powers are exercised, this will be done in secret,” Jim Killock, executive director of Open Rights Group, said in an emailed statement to Newsweek .

I wonder what kind of pressures could be placed on MaidSafe. Will the government threaten MaidSafe, trying to get them to compromise the SAFE Network, and try to keep it all a secret? I don’t imagine this would go down well with MaidSafe.

I think, whatever happens, we’ll need many eyes on the code! Not to suggest MaidSafe would do anything dubious, but governments have many weapons!

Will there be a situation whereby, for legal reasons, MaidSafe as a company cannot release the code? It’d have to come from another party perhaps…


There is over $60 billion in the decentralization movement, you don’t want to upset these kids who can pour millions within hours to get a app created.

PROOF :stuck_out_tongue:


When our government/intelligence agencies were questioned in Senate budget committees, it was revealed that any surveillance measures did not need to be 100% inclusive to be highly effective. Basically 80% is the tipping point and aim for >90%

This to me suggests that an upstart company that does not have a running system is not going to be even considered for attention. Why waste money and resources on things that do not currently exist at the moment. They will have their hands full with the telecommunication providers and the big APP providers. These alone will capture >95% coverage and that is above targets for effective surveillance of the population (aka 1984).

And the irony is that once SAFE is released its too late for them. It will catch them with their pants down so to speak. The smart criminals are already ahead of this proposed legislation, which really reveals the real purpose of the legislation.

The belief that they can have a big read button that solves all crime is still alive in government.

I think they are trying to keep sponsored (censored) media alive.

And what is it with all these damn hexagon logos?

Safe is using what is apparently about the most illuminist symbol imaginable.

It honestly makes me now question the project.

Question everything, but who’s going to control the SAFE Network?

Point, and its almost impossible for me to accept that David would compromise but the symbol seems spooky now, despite skepticism about the spookiness- maybe its just subversive camo.

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Symbols are the least of my worries, for me more important is apps being created for the SAFE Network, how to reach my target for this year to get 100K people on this network through my project.

Symbols/ideas are just a fashion statement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
“if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you”

Ignore those pixels, the bigger picture is Secure Access For Everyone. Laser focus on creating apps or let someone make your SAFE app.

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I don’t see how secure access for every one can go wrong. Suarez gave me pause for a second but that has passed, because the current system or degrees of it can’t work. But if you have time take a look at that video and let me know if any of that made sense.

Icke is different. For instance from his perspective its changes in the sun responsible climate change and they just want to manipulate us into a carbon tax to support a global government while at the same time using that tax to suppress competition from the developing world by pushing that tax and de industrialization policies. Hole in that theory is green is now cheaper. But he still says he’s anti petrol.

I am divided on global government. If we have it, less chance of nuclear war. On the otherhand if we have it where you going to run when it goes bad. It can still be experimental with different local rules like the US but what happens when you can’t accept the global laws. Central point of failure and its a take over the world scheme. But if it happens and when we go interplanetary I think it will, then it will be about pointing weapons at aliens and not just at each other.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

The fiat game (tax&inflation which is just a double fine) Ooh keee with tax they can get physical because hey it’s normal to coerce people :confused:

The crypto game (brainwallet&no inflation) For the first time in our lives we can take our money with us to the grave :kissing_heart: until it all gets stolen by :robot: 7 years from now :rolling_eyes:

What about a global government dropping bombs on it’s global citizens?

They would do that, but less chance of extinction potentially, but could be a fate worse than extinction.