Pitching to 5 levels of difficulty

It’s a nice prompt that tailing the message to the audience is important.
Lots of perspectives… and age / technical competence is one… but interest focus I guess is another… some looking for the opportunity to do f.g.h; some looking for the ease with which they can do a.b.c; and some just wanting accessibility, control, etc.

It’s a wonder there is not more multiple choice marketing like this allowing user to choose their own adventure.


This idea is just brilliant =D

Ps:I’d always choose the child explanation!
Pps: this might not be forgotten by the e office team @WhiteOutMashups a super short and easy explanation for different audiences - a video where you can choose who you want to be =)


Anything that can be said can be said clearly

I like the simplest version too… found at the end of a long string of “why?”