Pinned download links

While I am putting together this guide, I have noticed something. The search on Discourse is just not that great, either that or I am totally missing something.

So, I recently had a discussion about my bug on the latest release of the mobile browser put couldn’t remember where, I have been more actively posting more than usual lately so my “activity” is quite full, manually going through that is tiresome. It is hard to remember where that conversation took place. I am looking for it because I know the link to the latest version of the mobile browser is there. So I decide to do a search and these are the results, none from this year!

So then, I think oh, maybe it would be in the Welcome to the Forum post. But, no not there.

And then I realise the link was in the latest dev update. So, I found it. But, this brings me to my question(s).

Why aren’t the latest versions of downloads available in a pinned topic? Would this not increase download stats and therefore participation?

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Yes, we have this topic which used to be pinned: Download SAFE's latest versions

I think the pin may have expired recently. I just updated it and pinned it permanently.

Thanks for letting us know :slightly_smiling_face: