Pimms and Spam

I love it when folk evolve new words :slight_smile:

Did you mean “disputeable” — this point can be argued?

or “discussable” — we can discuss this point?

or something else and I got this totally wrong?

A bit cheer to all the non-native English speakers on here, the effort they put in to participate in this forum is admirable and we native speakers** do not appreciate them enough.

** EDIT and those of us hegemonised into using English whether we like it or not


:thinking: [Spits mouthful of Pimm’s]

But yes, big thanks to everyone who saved me from having to learn anything but computer languages as I was rubbish at it.


Don’t waste it - presumably you paid tax on that?

I have never actually tried Pimms. I’m led to believe its some kind of fruity alcohol - but could be wrong… Sorta middle-class alco-pops?

I wanted to point out, that the goal of what we want and how we design safenetwork to be used may by way different from the way how it will be used. I think for mobile app developers safe network will bring cheap scalable content delivery network, since reading is free of charge. So they could jump and start to implement it into their apps. They may or may not use other features. But users will be using it without knowing it.


I think this may be true for 99.9% of users by 2 years after full launch

Don’t worry, it’s now cleaning the roof. Actually I’m living in the future, will be up there with my lady watching the sun go down over the Severn at six sharp while the BBQ gets going.

Take one pint glass (plastic in our case) drop in ice cubes, fill with chopped, sliced, diced fruit (:strawberry:, apple, :tangerine:, lime whatever tasty stuff you have) and a bit of salad (ideally cucumber but lettuce works) - that’s totally over the top and in a plastic straight, so I claim “zero class” Pimms - chuck in the Pimms (strength to taste, but be careful!), top up with lemonade (sugar version) and give it a stir (never shake or you’ll soak yourself). Drop a slice of citrus on the rim and :tropical_drink:

(edit: now she says 5:30 so got to go)


I have this problem even im my native language. I think it is some kind of Dysgraphia.


We always need new words, I’m coming up with a few watching cricket highlights.

Strangely, less than 500 miles north ( I am up north visiting my mum) it will be light until 11 o’clock. I have always thought the English lived in a form of darkness and now it seems I was right. Whatever -enjoy your dimly-lit BBQ. Sometime these are the best- it helps to hide that the provender is cremated on one end and raw at the other. But what do I know? Perhaps @happybeing would be a veritable pit-master if he was on the other side of the pond?
You still haven’t revealed what Pimms actually IS - can we assume then that it is simply some ethanol by-product, cunningly marketed to those aspiring to perceived upward social mobility??


Caution: Oxymoron alert


Challenge accepted

I disapprove of your new avatar. Whenever I’m forced to think of ‘luncheon meat’ I have a flashback of puking in infant school after being persuaded to eat spam fritters cos they were ‘good for me’. My old dog even turned his nose up at the stuff. And he ate dog food.


rebuke accepted

Is that nuclear waste?

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Lumpy custard :slight_smile:

I’m not sure it’s a problem. I like it, as long as it’s understandable. :slight_smile:

I also believe I express myself a bit different than most others do in any language. I just like playing around with language, but in the end I may even loose the “neutral” style. It’s all a mess. But I don’t think people not understanding me is usually due to language barriers.


Up visiting my dear old mother for a few days and clearing out her cupboards and fridge of well-past-sell-by-date items. Very many potential sources of food-poisoning binned but I did come across a tin of Spam that is still in date - just

“used to love that stuff during the war, son, far nicer than that whale meat.” says the cailleach (auld yin, senior female person)

So she is getting a slice of Spam fried for her breakfast tomorrow :slight_smile: Probably 50+yrs since I ate Spam, so I might join her.
But then again, I might not…


I’ve not eaten whale meat but I have dined on camel hump, which I’d say is marginally worse than spam, but without the weird sweetness. Keep a handy bucket nearby.


Hard to resist a joke about toes, but I’ll leave it at that.