Pierre explains PARSEC

Following the release of PARSEC - A Paradigm Shift for Asynchronous and Permissionless Consensus last week Maidsafe Rust Developer @pierrechevalier83 has created this fantastic video to give you a more in depth overview of the ABFT consensus mechanism.

We hope this will answer some of your questions, fuel further discussions and collaborations. Thanks to Pierre for taking the time to create this resource. Please share!

You can also see the accompanying slides and speaker notes here: http://bit.ly/parsec-slides


WOw super thanks, will look now.



Great job @pierrechevalier83! That little bit of sprinkled humour made it most bearable for me… :wink:


Just glad he rarely mentions rugby :smiley:


Worth it for the computer scientist jokes alone, but a really excellent explainer. Clear, easy to follow (if not completely understand in my case) and superb delivery - thank you and very well done @pierrechevalier83!


Wonderful video and fantastic work. A must for anyone interested in this world.

Super Pierre, tous mes félicitations.


This will stop PARSEC from gossiping



Great video. I think I almost understood some of it! Seriously the time and effort to explain this stuff is what makes maidsafe head and shoulders above most crypto projects. Thanks again Pierre and team.


20 mins in and not drowning yet which I see as testament to the clarity of delivery. Nice work @pierrechevalier83. One question so far:

13:40 Bob has a duty to gossip back to Alice (the node from which he just received a gossip event) “as soon as possible”. If returning gossip takes priority why does Carol randomly gossip to Alice before sending a message back to Dave (14:56). Or is this just a simplification for demo purposes?


I guess the text is slightly wrong, but the slide describes a situation that’s possible:
Carol first sent the message to Dave, then to Alice, but because of delays in communication, Alice received the message first, so she recorded it by creating a gossip event before Dave did.
Does that make sense?


Yes it does. Cheers …

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Great video, pleasure to watch.

Soothing and captivating delivery, feels a lot like the early morning Open University programs.
Great visuals.
Hope to see more of the same… move over computerphile/numberphile…


There’s a lot of stuff that is a bit beyond me in this, but – wow! – even so, I finished the video one time through and have a fair grip on what’s going on. More times through will help even more.

Great tool for devs and scientists, but also good for the simpleton!



Great video, very informative, easy to understand, I found gossip and concrete coin protocol interesting. Amazing accomplishment!


First of all, great job to Pierre, I watched the video and it was really explanatory for the non-mathematicians! job well done!

I do have some comments on the format though (and please before think, oh my god not that marketing nonsense again, please hear me out)…

PARSEC should (rightfully so) be in the forefront of showing what Maidsafe has to offer. Content wise Maidsafe really delivers and Pierre really knows how to explain difficult theorems in a understandable manner. However, it’s not only content that matters, it’s also how you bring it and I think this is where Maidsafe really has some steps to take. I would like to make my point using 2 examples of the video.

  1. There is no clear formatting of the powerpoint slides and nowhere is it clear that this is a maidsafe invented protocol. Yes, in the first slides it is shown, but the whole protocol should be simmering in a sauce of SAFE network.

  2. The explanation of the whisper protocol is almost an exact copy of the explanation video that Hashgraph has on its website. That in itself is not bad because it is a really good explanation of the protocol. However, if you look at the design of the slides, it looks like it’s been put together with the utmost hurry.

Like I said, next to content, it also matters how you bring your information. If you can’t sell it, your product can be the best there is but nobody will buy. PARSEC is one of the best things I have seen so far but if I would be new and interested I would be put off by the looks as it looks quite unprofessional (sorry).

I am not someone who’s just commenting from the sidelines. If somebody puts up the slides that were used I am more than willing to help in making them look awesome. Probably @SwissPrivateBanker also has some powerpointskills :wink:


The slides are available at bit.ly/parsec-slides.
Happy to get your input. Being a tech, not a marketing guy, I humbly accept your feedback :wink:


Of course I will! Hopefully others will do the same (the more the merrier)

One question but I think that one is more for @SarahPentland. If there is an official communication/presentation should it not be checked by the marketing department on whetehr it aligns with the image of what Maidsafe wans to present?


Hey @Eureka18, thanks for the feedback about the presentation. Yes, the presentation did get run past the Marketing team before it was released. The plan is to do many more of these over the next few months so please keep the comments rolling in!


Hi @pierrechevalier83 do you have all the text written? I would like to translate it to Bulgarian :slight_smile:


Hi @Dimitar,
Thanks a lot for offering your time to translate it. :smiley:
The text is available as presenter notes in the slides at bit.ly/parsec-slides