Pi network. Mine on Mobile

Haha. That was part of our most recent conversation as well. I asked if he ever used any of the apps or example apps that I saw when perusing and he said no.

We’ve also noticed one of our old female friends has these weird copy/paste multi level marketing sounding posts about “Ethereum platform” and now “Tron platform” (because the “shares are cheaper”:rofl:) which made me wonder WTF is going on out there but more than anything noticing most crypto outsiders just buy the network tokens to speculate and don’t even know how to use or what apps even exist on them.

I hope we can cross that divide by getting people to use the apps over the token.


Well this will be a process. People have established habits, they will not change them simply because there is something better in the world. I have given the example of the struggle for women’s voting rights in US before - it lasted 90 years and this is because some women were ok with the old system and even fought against women having the right to vote. In my opinion, it is very likely that the struggle to impose Safe in the world will continue for decades, but price speculation will help.

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You have to hunt for the Apps in the hambuger and calling them Pi Utilities doesnt help

If more of the 13m users knew about the apps then we could get a better idea of usage.
I suspect there is no actual “mining” going on at all yet, coins are simply being distributed.
Only Super Nodes are part of the consensus process and that wont run 24/7 on a phone, still no linux client


Personally, I feel that his how we “break out” and for me Safe needs to “break out” and not just aim for better mediocrity which, I feel is the (invalid) promise of getting rich quick and never mind why.

Safecoin is a utility token, but there really needs to be a heavily used, i.e. useful, app/set of apps or similar.


The Pi Wallet is in testing: