Phase-In of SAFEcoin

The final update could include a command to delete them no?

@dirvine, would you reset all test coins after each test and just not the last one? Or keep em all from the beginning, or somewhere in between?

I was actually thinking that could be the case - a poison pill in the code. Interesting.

I’m not sure I get you, you disapprove?

I don’t necessarily disapprove. It’s a technical discussion, of technical interest. I like understanding how things work.

I was thinking that with all the code watchers on here, getting a secret poison pill into the code might not be easy. :slight_smile:

Why does it needs to be kept secret? I mean, if test coins use a slightly different typeid than real safecoin why would anyone be concerned about deleting them?


True, there are 10,000 reserved ID’s so e can iterate through these until we are happy with a working one. Each new test network could delete the previous to save on space etc. Neat idea, worth considering.


I think having a coin that continually might be the one and deleting it each time it is not, is good because:

  • it’s fun, a game
  • it will motivate us all, and newcomers, to participate in every test right up until the final one which is important to ensure realistic testing
  • it rewards those who contribute to testing by sticking around until it is done

The only issue is ensuring that the decision to call time is done fairly, and not in a way that benefits a few. I think MaidSafe can handle that.


Agree although initially some tests will spew out safecoins at a fast rate as a test (of the balance algorithms etc.), perhaps. So yes, but with some caveats, although we may know those tests well in advance. Seems like a good and simple problem though when the time is right.


I like that idea, @happybeing , a kind of reverse Russian Roulette: if you don’t keep playing you might lose. :smile:

Also, that game-that-might-not-be-a-game aspect could be better publicity than you could buy.