Petrol dies rapidly due to cost and efficiency

Lets take a look at how backward and obsolete petrol is (coal, natural gas, oil): No clean varient especially not NG or hydrogen.

comparative down side vs renewable (some by degree):

Have to find it
Have to fight for it
Have to extract it
Have to refine it
Have to ship it
Have to store it
Have to defend it
Have to combust it
Have to off gas it or store waste

Critically low economic and physical efficiency
with equally low reliability at point of combustion due to complexity and expense verses solid state, magnetic bearings and endless cycle batteries etc.

Subject to shortages
Wastes capital trying to hedge its questionable availability.

Massive externalities i.e., water pollution…warming at each step above, which aren’t paid by the producer.
Centralized and subject to disruption through disaster and manipulaton/speculation.
No longer economically competitive even at built out scale it can’t get below about 13 cents KW retail, (solar is already below it and may go to .001) as such petrol faces a profitless future.

Can’t fix its problems even over the short term without strategic and tactical damage to an economy that is obvious to everyone- its the biggest capital and human labor drain by far in history- lowest return on societal equity to the point that it literally drives up working hours.
Can’t stand the light of simple education
Can’t get out of its way on glut to get out of the red even if it were cost competitive , can’t fix its markets with renewable input happening at any level.
Already hedged to the max with derivatives globally to the point of another financial bubble can’t get anymore aid
With global warming its in the same place cigarettes were when it was recognized they were cancerous and cancerous to those around the smoker
Historically and accurately it is equated with evil.

Cutting its money means cutting the right’s money, power and influence- a global target on it as a villain- public does not respect the petrol industry sees them as a villains, this can’t be fixed- seems them as temporary at bests. Pension divesting, Rockefellars divested Exxon, Saudi Soveriegn divested all of Saudia Arabia’s oil.
People whose money is caught up in it on the high end are perceived as culpable responsible for atrocities and putting our children’ lives at risk over greed.
The worst corporate welfare case imaginable a true basket case.
Retains these problems even if there is no peak oil and abiogenic petroleum genesis is accurate.

In short it sucks in every way imaginable. All it has is momentum but its the same kind of momentum as a heroin habit has in the face of a cure. Its as obsolete as carrying around gold coin would be relative to a perfected crypto currency.

But solar decentralizes and hardens against disaster,
cuts cord on utilities and gas stations use, radically cuts costs (7x more efficient at consumption, and even much greater economic efficiency for society to the point of huge strategic advantage ) No issue with finding it or storing it. No emmissions if home roof top battery solar. Cuts cars on road by 18x with self driving. Cuts insurance bill- almost no accidents no drunk drivers, no traffic, don’t even have to own a car. Don’t even have to plug it in (induction chargers) or model 3 to have solar to be built into full glass roof option adding possibly 15 miles a day of range just for parking or driving in sun. Now new solar home roof indistinguishable from regular roof. No issue with batteries wearing out. Battery cost and solar cell costs way down even without subsidies. Charge times going way down. Range issues gone. Tesla P100 DL fastest production car in world 0-60 2.3 seconds- safest, most reliable million mile ratings on motors, batteries hold up too, fully autonomous hardware now included, pushed out Mercedes and BMW in US in 2 years more market share than both combined in US now. Full electric semi trucks, planes and ships coming. Has utility scale batteries now. Cost of new indistinguishable solar roof plus home batteries minus electricity savings equal to regular roof- last a lot longer too. Petrol is dead. Crucial to make sure it stays in the ground save for plastic, drugs, nitrogen fusing etc. But don’t even need it for fertilizer.

At this point the battery tech for solar has completely solved intermittency at the home and utility scale. There is nothing left that Solar is not a radically cheaper, more reliable drop in replacement for Petrol fuel for. Because its so much cheaper, so much more decentralized and accessible and so much more reliable and Petrol glutted and built out and at scale- petrol will never be profitable again and will put any country that tries to continue to use it at a deep strategic disadvantage. There is no more business case for it anymore.

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Love this, and solar is the only one that actually makes common sense when regular people actually take a second to think about it.

Sunshine is EVERYWHERE for free forever

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Yes! Creates a problem for me because on the one had I hate corporate but on the other hand I am in love with Tesla and will now be purchasing its stock the old fashioned way through a trading platform.

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Tesla was the first stock I ever bought. Did it in 6th grade, then got scared for some reason and sold it. Then it tripled in price over the next year or so :stuck_out_tongue: ($20 --> $60)

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What an auspicious pick! There is this idea of knowing how to pick as a skill. Sounds like you have that skill.

All the money in the world could not make a petrol car ICE car perform like the P100D

7-8x more fuel efficient
fastest production car ever made
maintenace free
Ultra reliable million mile motors and battery
zero pollution ( charge from roof top)

Why? Because petrol is obsolete when compaired to cars the run on light - not clear any more that fossil fuel is really old captured sunlight or all that limited but it is obsolete and will not be profitable or competive again.